Coast 2 Coast Day 28: What Goes Down Must Come Up

Way back on Day 12 of our journey, we hit the high point in altitude, cresting out at 6000 feet near Bisbee, Arizona. Since then it’s been all downhill (right!).  And now that we have hit the halfway point, it’s downhill to St. Augustine.  Actually, we have descended and are currently around 1500 feet.

Today’s ride starts downhill and finishes with a difficult 20-mile uphill slog.

We see a lot of 5 mph on our Garmins as well as a lot 35 mph. Welcome to hill country.  The roads are better here, and so is the scenery.

Start City: Kerrville, TX
End city: Blanco, TX
Miles: 59
Total miles to date: 1535
Pedaling time: 4 hours, 13 minutes
Avg. speed: 14.0 mph
Feet climbed: 3600
Fatigue factor: 7 out of 10
Wind: S 10-20 mph, crosswind for most of Day, tailwind towards end
Road condition: 3.5 out of 5
Temperature extremes: 55 at ride start, 75 at ride finish

We are always in search of oddities when we ride and today is a jackpot. Like this store.

We thought they were out of business, but evidently ketchup is big business here.

Our route takes us through the town of Comfort, TX.

Did we mention that Texas is full of white pickup trucks?

How about this gem in someone’s back yard?

That is a F-8 fighter jet. They were popular during the Vietnam War. You wonder how he got it.

Then we ran across some photogenic sheep.

We swear they posed for the photo.

Eve is in search of bluebonnets. This is the best we can do today.

Rumor has it we will see a lot of them tomorrow.

Before we go, we can report that there’s a new Blizzard of the Month at Dairy Queen.

We sample the Reese’s Extreme, with peanut butter cups and Reese’s Pieces. The salted caramel flavor that Eve orders is better.

Tomorrow:  Special guests for dinner.

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9 thoughts on “Coast 2 Coast Day 28: What Goes Down Must Come Up

  1. This will not be the first time I have been called special.

    In your quest for “oddities”, appreciate that you are passing near Austin. The “Keep Austin Weird” karma radiates into some of the nearby towns. Enjoy.

    Have you seen your longhorns yet?

  2. You know I love Ketchup. It goes with everything
    Y’all have a knack for finding curio’s miss Boo loved the Prada store


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