We are a tandem cycling team who likes to go on cycling vacations. Join us as we post from the road via our iPad. You never know where we will go next!

7 thoughts on “About

  1. That’s cool! Does a tandem bike require different tires, carrying 2 ppl?
    One day hope to take a biking vacation; it’s on my bucket list

  2. Roger,
    Love the blog. We live in Alaska and in the process of purchasing a tandem. I was considering a Co-motion until I heard of your experience. Having read of your cycle seven tandem( never heard of before) we are going with that one,the evergreen:) I would appreciate communicating with about your build decisions. Right now I’m think the Rohloff with Gates belt system and S/S couplers. We live in Sitka(southeast Alaska) so everywhere we bike, we need to fly, one of the few downsides to living on an island I think the middle of Alaska😀
    Let me know if your up to sharing your thoughts
    Rob and Michelle Sanders

  3. We just bought a Santana tandem with couplers and are looking forward to taking some vacations on it. Also looking for other tandem riders in southern California, preferably Orange County or LA County. Do you know of any tandem cycling clubs or gatherings in these areas?

    1. Hi, Susan: Unfortunately, the tandem community in Orange County is kind of deads-ville. The last time they did a ride was when we organized it, and that was 2 years ago. It’s not good that people from Atlanta have to organize a ride in the OC! People do ride tandems and you will see them, but there are not really any tandem-specific rides, unless we organize another one when we are there in March.

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