We are a tandem cycling team who likes to go on cycling vacations. Join us as we post from the road via our iPad. You never know where we will go next!

5 thoughts on “About

  1. That’s cool! Does a tandem bike require different tires, carrying 2 ppl?
    One day hope to take a biking vacation; it’s on my bucket list

  2. Roger,
    Love the blog. We live in Alaska and in the process of purchasing a tandem. I was considering a Co-motion until I heard of your experience. Having read of your cycle seven tandem( never heard of before) we are going with that one,the evergreen:) I would appreciate communicating with about your build decisions. Right now I’m think the Rohloff with Gates belt system and S/S couplers. We live in Sitka(southeast Alaska) so everywhere we bike, we need to fly, one of the few downsides to living on an island I think the middle of Alaska😀
    Let me know if your up to sharing your thoughts
    Rob and Michelle Sanders

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