Intercourse on the Bike

Our faithful readers may remember at the end of our last post, we were headed to a smorgasbord.
We did some research and found a less touristy and smaller smorgasbord, which looked a lot like a southern “country buffet” to me.

It was really good and I felt like I controlled myself. Or did I? The vegetables had just been picked and the corn was the stuff we had been riding by all week.

Today is our last day of riding before we pack up the show and head for home. Our destination is Lapp’s Dairy Farm, where we are eating ice cream and drinking chocolate milk at 9:30AM. This ice cream is incredible. It goes from the cow to the churn right there and has so much butter fat that it tastes like cake icing.

If you think Eve looks happy in this pic, you should have seen her 30 minutes later when we got to Intercourse. It takes two to tandem and we tandemed all the way to Intercourse.

Afterwards, we had a pretzel.

We did save one of the best rides for last. There were farms everywhere and the Amish were out in full force today in their buggies.

Fresh horse poop was everywhere. About 30,000 Amish live in this area and the best part is the food they grow is readily available to tourists like us to take home.

Our car is full of veggies, so if you get invited to our house for dinner this week, you should accept.

If you have never ridden in Lancaster County, put it on your must-do list. The terrain is interesting enough, but not grueling. The food is incredible as is the micro-brewed beer. We have had a great week. Thanks for keeping up with us and we will see you on our next trip!

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