From The ATL To The AVL: Day 1, The Dillard Dinner

It’s time for our big trip of the summer, and this year’s adventure takes us to The Asheville area for a few days of bicycles and beer, not necessarily in that order. Our first day finds us in Clayton, GA in the northeastern part of the state. We have a 32-mile ride around Rabun Lake scheduled, followed by an overnight in Dillard, GA.

We have had huge rain in GA all week, and the lake is flooded, if lakes can flood. All of the docks are underwater.

Somehow, we stay dry on our ride, which is quite scenic. After a hefty climb up Tiger Mountain, we visit the drive-in in Tiger, a ride highlight.

It looks like we are too early for the movie.

After the ride, we eat at the scenic Red Barn Cafe. I have the chicken salad and Eve has the pimento cheese BLT, which comes with a ton of cheese.


Tonight we stay at the historic Dillard House, where we have never been together.

We are in the stone house, which is the original hotel from over 100 years ago.

They have added other attractions since the stone house was built.

The real reason why you stay at the Dillard House is for the family-style dinner. They are not busy, so we get a table to ourselves. They start bringing food and keep bringing it until the table is full.

Don’t worry, I helped her eat it. The creamed corn and the squash casserole were the best dishes. We even saved room for dessert!

That’s coconut cream pie and blackberry cobbler with ice cream. We didn’t ride enough to justify all of this food. Will the ride get tougher on Day 2? Stay tuned to find out.

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