Sights and Sounds of Provence

Today, I take the opportunity to share some of the sights and sounds of Provence. The first two weeks were all within view of Mt. Ventoux.

The Giant of Provence
The Giant of Provence

Most of the agriculture consisted of miles and miles of vineyards.
We were able to climb enough to enjoy some breath-taking views as well.
After leaving Vaison-La-Romaine, we ride through fruit orchards.
And lots and lots of sunflowers, which make me very happy.  I can’t ride by a field without pulling out the camera and taking picture after picture.DSCN1433
The photos do not do them justice because the fields in some cases stretch farther than my eyes can see.

The Pont du Gard is a marvel of engineering built by the Romans almost 2000 years ago as a bridge and an aqueduct to transport water to the local communities.
It is the world’s tallest Roman bridge.
Many of the villages where we have been riding are very old and part of walled cities.

you can see our shadows!
you can see our shadows!

Those overlooking the Rhone River have castles which protected the villages (way) back in the day.

Then there is the Abbey of Saint-Roman which is a cave monastery which was entirely carved out of rock–by hand. They were hermits who had nothing else to do.
It sits way high above the Rhone River Valley, and provides a wonderful view of the river and all that surrounds it.

Right behind the villa we are renting this week is a brand new bike path.
It’s beautiful and obviously pretty early in it’s development because it doesn’t really go that far yet. The crossings are mind- boggling and consist of a double-armed blockade.
Now this might not be too daunting on a single bike, but on a tandem, riding on the path is like a never-ending obstacle course which requires agility and concentration.

You can watch Provence come alive on our Tastemade video, which you can find here. It’s the best minute you will spend on the internet today.

Finally, there is a soundtrack that accompanies riding in Provence. It’s the sound of the cicadas. We barely hear them when we are riding through the vineyards, but when we ride in more forested areas the cacophony of sex sounds of the male cicada can be almost deafening.

really loud in this type of foliage
really loud in this type of foliage

They are part of the local culture and featured prominently on souvenirs, table cloths and placemats. They are beloved and signify the summertime in Provence.

Up next:  The tastes of Provence.

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