Riding With the Southern California Tandems

Happy times for us in SoCal because we have found a new tandem club to ride with.  Sad times for us, and for the club as a popular couple, Melinda and John Hansen, is moving to Colorado, and today is their farewell ride.

John and Melinda on the left in the jerseys of their soon to be new state!
John and Melinda on the left in the jerseys of their soon to be new state!

There is a large turnout of 8 tandems (one more joins us at our rest stop) and at least the same amount of half bikes.

Much of the spirited ride to Long Beach is on the PCH, at traffic lights, we gather and I get the opportunity to  snap some pictures of the group.






Our mid-ride rest stop is at Polly’s Gourmet Coffee in Long Beach.


We share a cinnamon bun, knowing that Jonathan Gerber has a surprise waiting for us at the end of the ride.

We roll out of Long Beach, on the return to Bob Henry Park in Newport Beach.



What a fun celebration, pizza and libations are waiting for us! We eat, drink and wish John and Melinda well.

John and Melinda Hansen. Photo by Jonathan Gerber via Facebook.
Roger and Eve with Melinda and John Hansen. Photo by Jonathan Gerber via Facebook.


Fun group, Fun day!
Fun group, Fun day!

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2 thoughts on “Riding With the Southern California Tandems

  1. Thank you Eve for the posting! We had a great time with everyone and you all will be sorely missed😢
    We are looking forward to our new adventures in Colorado and look forward to hosting visiting friends in the coming years!
    Hope to see you and Roger at the GTR next year and a visit to Don and Terri in Naples, Fl.

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