Coast 2 Coast Day 1:  Dippin’ and Rollin’

The adventure begins!  At 9AM Pacific Standard Time we gather on the beach for a group photo.

Photo by Nancy von Neumann

25 riders are about to leave San Diego, but first we must dip our rear wheel into the Pacific Ocean.

Our goal:  dip the front wheel into the Atlantic Ocean 52 days from now.

We leave San Diego via a bike path.

Soon we are rocking up a big climb.

As we leave the urban coast and approach our campground , things get much more scenic.

Speaking of camping, we have successfully taken a shower and have figured out how to open the flap on Tent 6, our home for the next two months.

After a long, hard ride, you really can eat anything you want.

Tomorrow:  the climbing continues, and it could get rainy. Stay tuned.

From the Garmin Guy:

Start city:  San Diego, CA

End city:  Alpine, CA

Miles: 41.5

Total miles to date: 41.5

Ride time: 3 hours 30 minutes

Avg. speed: 11.8 (lots of climbing)

Feet climbed: 3850

Fatigue factor: 4 (out of 10)

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11 thoughts on “Coast 2 Coast Day 1:  Dippin’ and Rollin’

  1. I like those vests! If they have “DC” on the back, there are probably some guys here in St Augustine that might want them when you finish!

  2. Team “Circus Bike” is following you as we drive home from FL.
    Richard raced in the San Diego To Yuma road race years ago.
    Stoker D

  3. We’ve found that, if you successfully complete the first 10% of any ride, you will be able to successfully finish it. Only about 4 1/2 more days and you will be on the east coast before you know it. Have a great adventure!.

  4. Excited to know how you guys are doing on a daily basis. I’m hoping to ride this ride next year, when I’m retired. I’ll keep following…….

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