Coast 2 Coast Day 2:  Blowin’ In The Wind

It’s our 34th wedding anniversary and we celebrate with a bike ride up to about 4000 feet. Before we talk about Day 2, we have this just in–exclusive, breaking news.  Here is a picture you will only see here, the view inside Tent 6. 

Remember, what happens in the tent, stays in the tent!

Now, onto the ride.  From the Garmon Guy:

Start city:  Alpine, CA

End city:  Live Oak Springs, CA

Miles: 32

Total miles to date:  73

Ride time:  2 hours 59 minutes

Avg. speed: 10.8

Feet climbed:  3640

Fatigue factor: 5 (out of 10)

Today’s ride is short, with lots of climbing.  With the exception of a screaming 5-mile downhill, most of it goes up.  Things start out in a light mist. 

The sun pops out occasionally as we make our way up historic Highway 80. 

Speaking of highways, we ride on Interstate 8 today.

Why?  There are no other roads to ride on. The traffic is light and the shoulder is huge.  Kind of reminds us of riding on the Pacific Coast Highway.

 As we get closer to the end, the wind starts to get more fierce. First it’s a helpful tailwind,  it changes to a healthy crosswind as we approach the finish. The bike is blown sideways, and it becomes hard to stay on the white line. Everyone gets in safely, though.

Hey Chef Anne, is tonight Greek night?

Opa!  Tomorrow:  what goes up must come down.
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11 thoughts on “Coast 2 Coast Day 2:  Blowin’ In The Wind

  1. Wow, great job guys!! Crazy weather you (maybe) enjoyed today.
    We are Loving the Feasts they are providing you with!!
    And the Snacks are very appropriate!
    Take acre and have FUN Monday!!

  2. Happy anniversary Roger and Eve!
    We are really enjoying reading about and seeing your adventure! The food sounds great!

  3. Team “circus bike” trained for our first century ride on that road you will take past the sand dunes near Yuma. Always windy! Love traveling on this trip with you two!
    Stoker D

  4. Your rides the past two days are what central Californians call Mountain Goat rides. The definition is every 10 miles of riding with a 1000 feet elevation gain. Well done my friends.

  5. Happy Anniversary!!! By the way, do those tents have running water and electricity? Maybe a Mah Jongg game? Enjoy your excursion!

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