Coast 2 Coast Day 3:  Descent to the Desert

Before we get to today’s ride, a word about last night. It was cold and rainy, and we were in bed by 7:45. It was warm and toasty in our sleeping bags, though.  We have certainly had the worst thrown at us during our first two camping nights. We are sleeping really well, so we must have passed the audition.

From the Garmin Guy:

Start city:  Live Oak Springs, CA

End city:  Calexico, CA

Miles: 63

Total miles to date:  136

Ride time:  3 hours, 43 minutes

Avg. speed:  16.8 mph

Feet climbed:  1360

Fatigue factor: 3 (out of 10)

Things start out very cold and we put on every jacket we own.

Today’s route is perfect for a tandem–downhill most of the way. It features a screaming descent on Interstate 8 from 4000 feet to sea level.  Eve does not scream, but the brakes on the bike get a lot of work as we keep the speed in the 30-35 mph range.

Early in the ride, we get our first glimpse of the US/Mexico border.

We look like smugglers!
Evidently, Mexico has already built the wall.

We go from the mountains to the desert in no time.

Wind is a big industry here. So is solar.

We get buzzed twice by a squadron of jets. A free air show is nice, but they are going so fast we can’t get the camera out in time.

It finally warms up, which allows us to shed lots of clothing.

Our overnight spot, Calexico, is right across the street from the border.

Across the fence is Mexicali, a city of one million.

Tonight, we sleep indoors and stay warm and toasty.

Tomorrow:  We cross our first state border.
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12 thoughts on “Coast 2 Coast Day 3:  Descent to the Desert

  1. I am a huge admirer of tandem couples! I did the Southern Tier in 2011, greatest adventure of my life! Will be re living it vicariously through your blog thank you for taking the time to write it!!

  2. Rode Yuma to Calexico with our
    bike group which as we recall is
    about 60 miles. Big bull ring in
    Mexicali but we skipped that!
    Those downhills are thrilling from
    the mountains …we feel your breeze!
    Stoker D

  3. You two rock! What a great adventure, we are with you in spirit each and every day, especially on the downhills 🤣
    Bob could be hallucinating…..
    He swears to have seen your reference to the “Army Blue Angels”. Kat didn’t believe it so went in to verify. All she saw was your reference to a squadron of jets buzzing overhead. Were the jets blue?? Were they camo?? Were they green/gray?? We need to correct this fake news 😂

      1. NAVY Blue Angels. They are in their last week of winter training at El Centro CA. Their first show for the season is this coming weekend. 🇺🇸FLY NAVY 🇺🇸

  4. Your “screaming” comment elicited some chuckles at our house. Last fall, with the Santana Tandem group, we cycled from the Mount St. Helen’s Visitors Center downhill all the way to Lexington. The 36-mile downhill portion was literally a screaming event for some of the stokers on the ride. I kept begging my hubby-captain to ‘SLOW DOWN!” Thank God for disc brakes both front and back.

  5. John looked at the first couple of pictures and asked “Where’s Eve, I can’t see her?”
    We’re enjoying the daily blogs.

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