Coast to Coast Day 5:  Lettuce Entertain You

Day 5 features a visit to “America’s Salad Bowl”, just outside of Yuma.  It seems that about 100 years ago, someone decided to channel water from the Colorado River into the desert and the rest is history.

We ride through thousands of acres of every variety of lettuce.  Throw in some cauliflower, asparagus, and onions, and we are ready for a salad.

We’ll eat lunch in a moment, but first, let’s check our stats.

Start city: Yuma, AZ

End city:  Dateland, AZ

Miles: 70

Total miles to date: 270

Ride time:  4 hours, 14 minutes

Avg. speed: 16.6

Feet climbed:  850

Fatigue factor: 6 (out of 10)

Back to lettuce, they actually grow the four different kinds of lettuce you get in those mixed salad bags in the same row.  That way when they harvest, the salad comes right out of the ground all mixed up.  You learn things when you read this blog.

Jac’s Whistle Stop Cafe is usually closed on Wednesdays, but they open just for us.

No salad for lunch because we save room for a cactus milkshake and a date milkshake in Dateland.  They are famous for these, and after 70 miles on a bike, you can eat anything you want.  Like our afternoon cheese snack.

Or our dinner menu:

Tomorrow:  The heat is on!

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14 thoughts on “Coast to Coast Day 5:  Lettuce Entertain You

  1. The thing about the lettuce is so cool. It makes perfect sense that they do it that way. Who knew?

    I had to look up what a khadrawy was ( From the description, it looks like it would be perfect bike food – right up until you had a full-on carbohydrate crash.

    Y’all be safe.

    PS: You need to add “Average Road Quality” and “Prevailing Wind Direction” to your daily stats.

  2. Hi! Very much enjoying your blog and tour! My husband and I will be doing the southern route later this year. It’s fun and exciting to check out your experiences!
    Safe travels and
    Bike On!

  3. Oh yes! Forgot about those date shakes. Thanks for the memory flash.
    The Medjool dates are huge and delicious. In our years there were melons,
    cotton fields and citrus groves as well as lettuce. Oh, and recess duty in
    August when it was 125 degrees! You are biking in the right time of year.
    No dates here in Indiana today, but you two are a wonderful “pear” to ride with
    on this blog ! See you down the road.
    Stoker D

  4. Now, you two are making me hungry for salad. Enjoy your blog and looking forward to see it each day. Have a great time 🙂

  5. Really enjoying your daily blog. Thanks so much for doing this. I’m guessing blogging is the last thing you want to do after riding 70 miles on a bicycle.

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