Coast 2 Coast Day 21: Your Cards and Letters Answered, Part 2

Thanks for all of the encouraging comments from our readers. On our day off, we thought we would answer even more of your postcards and letters.

Have you seen my wall again? Is it even more magnificent? Donald Trump, Mar-a-lago, FL

Yes. We saw your wall again when we crossed into Palomas, Mexico. It’s amazing that it got constructed so quickly.

Do you really get more sun on your right side than your left? George Hamilton, Hollywood

Yes, George we do. Because of the angle of the sun and the fact that we are usually traveling east, the sun predominantly stays to our right.

How do your butts feel? LL Cool J, Los Angeles
They hurt more on some days than others. Five hours on a bike saddle can be very uncomfortable!

Are you taking any drugs? Do you need any? Lance Armstrong, Austin, TX
So far all we have taken is the occasional ibuprofen. If you know of anything we can take to give us more energy on the climbs, please tell us, Lance.

Who does your laundry? Betty Crocker, Chicago

Every four or five days the laundry containers appear.
We sort our laundry, throw it in the buckets and eight hours later, folded clothes magically appear.

We truly are Pampered Pedalers.

Have you seen billions and billions of stars? Carl Sagan, Mars
Two of our overnight cities, Rodeo, NM and where we are now, Marathon, TX, have been designated dark areas where astronomers bring their telescopes to look at the heavens. There are no city lights within 50 miles of here.

Have you seen any more weird things in your travels? Robert Ripley, Santa Rosa, CA

Believe it or not, Mr. Ripley, there is this hostel.

La Loma Del Chivo (goat hill) is a place that is so strange that we can’t describe it.  Look it up on AirBNB!

We are back on the bike seats again on Saturday.  Coming up:  we may have an “easy” day ahead on the tandem.


9 thoughts on “Coast 2 Coast Day 21: Your Cards and Letters Answered, Part 2

  1. How did you like Marfa? Our son stopped there on his cross country drive back to FL from his internship in Lake Tahoe. He loved it! Even met Kevin Bacon at the local bar.

  2. I bet a day of steam and massage would feel real good right now! My treat when you get back home! P.S. Where are my shoes?

  3. There you are going 21 mph! Good but not as impressive as yesterday’s
    40 at a little after 8:00 a.m, but then again that WAS on 4 wheels!
    I see the Rio Grande way on down the road, lots of brown in the
    Satellite view until then…
    The circus bike stoker

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