Coast 2 Coast Day 24:  Adios Desert, Hola Humidity

On day four of our tour Bubba said, “Take a look at the grass, because it’s the last you will see for weeks.  He was right.  Today, we leave the desert for greener pastures.

We wake up to an unfamilar sight–clouds.

We haven’t seen them at all on the tour.  Fortunately, there is no rain here. And no shame with today’s stats:

Start City: Comstock, TX
End city: Brackettville, TX
Miles: 74
Total miles on Hwy. 90: 5 days, 341 miles
Total miles to date: 1329
Pedaling time: 4 hours, 33 minutes
Avg. speed: 16.3 mph
Feet climbed: 1600
Fatigue factor: 8 out of 10
Wind: SW 5 mph, slight tailwind at times
Road condition: 2 out of 5
Temperature extremes: 54 at ride start, 86 at ride finish
Recommended serving size for BBQ: 8 ounces

About 28 miles in, we hit a long bridge with no shoulder.  No problem…we get a police escort across the one-mile span.

Thanks to the Val Verde County Sheriff’s Department for making sure we got over the bridge safely.

No pictures are taken, but we visit a Walmart during our lunch stop today.  We can’t remember if we have ever shopped at Walmart in the middle of a 70-plus mile ride.  We enjoy some Texas BBQ at Rudy’s, which fuels the rest of the ride.

We are still on Highway 90.  This is our fifth day on it.

For the first 45 miles the shoulders are smooth, but the last 30 are torturous chip seal.

This is one rough road. Our wrists and butts feel the vibration long after the ride ends.

Here’s how you know we are out of the desert–green stuff.

Flowers, trees, and grass.  You take them for granted when you have them, but you miss them when you don’t. As the sun sets on “tent city”, we enjoy a night with no dust and lots of grass.

Tomorrow: after 5 days on Hwy. 90, we finally make a left turn.

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13 thoughts on “Coast 2 Coast Day 24:  Adios Desert, Hola Humidity

  1. Rudy’s BBQ (beef brisket – not pork) is very consistent and very available especially in Central Texas. You have a choice of Extra Moist (think fatty), Extra Lean (very little fat) and Cutter’s Choice (which are the cuts between the Extra Moist and Extra Lean. My favorite is the Extra Lean. We have a Rudy’s BBQ just 2 miles from the house and there are left overs in the fridge now. I had some for lunch. Yum!!!

    Glad to see that you are catching some wild flowers and greenery.

    Sorry about the Chip Seal roads. Welcome to Texas. You will stop vibrating about a month after you get home.

    Have you seen any of our windmills and longhorns yet?

      1. Well … you asked. Google offers:

        “If you got beauty beauty just raise ’em up
        ‘Cause every inch of you is perfect
        From the bottom to the top”

        –Meghan Trainor, “All About that Bass”

      2. Yes, I do! It’s called, I Will Remember You, by Sarah McLaughlin…It goes like this:. “I’m so…Tired butt…I can’t sleep.”

  2. We so look forward to your posts. Enjoy them with our morning coffee. You guys are awesome. Hoping for smoother roads and tailwinds.

  3. We are here, too, inside on this rainy Indiana morning but
    following you as you move along.
    You must be so tired as you peddle along with all of us riding on your dot!!
    Mmmm, wonder why we have this craving for BBQ…
    All the best from the wet and wild MIDwest where the only sunny color today is on our yellow circus bike!

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