Coast 2 Coast Day 38: More Questions Answered

It’s impossible to answer the thousands of emails that we get each day on this blog, so on our day off, we thought that we would take a stab at some of your most frequently asked questions.

Are there any dogs on the trip? Al Poe, Wichita, KS
Yes, Al, there are two dogs riding cross-country in vehicles, not on bikes.

Everybody say “awwwww” at the same time. On the left is Cocoa Bean, who belongs to logistics manager Snowflake, and on the right is Bubba’s dog Buddy. Both are noisy, but very sweet.

Do we need a wall in Louisiana? Are there bad dudes there? Donald Trump, New York, NY
Actually, what we need here is millions of tons of asphalt.

These roads make us pine for the chip seal in Texas.

Had any good Cajun food lately? Emeril Lagasse, New Orleans
Here’s some shots from a recent lunch. First, the oyster po’ boy.

It was full of plump, juicy oysters.  Next, some jambalaya and a boudin ball.

What’s a boudin ball? It’s rice and pork rolled into a ball and fried, because all Cajun food is better when you fry it.

Seen any strange farm equipment? John Deere, Nebraska
Anybody know what the heck this thing does? Leave a comment below if you do.

It’s so tall that we actually could have ridden under it.

Have you come across any gators? Florida State Fans, Tallahassee
We came across this alligator today.

It was fried and Cajun spiced, the only way to see gator.

Are you still seeing trains? H. O. Lionel, New York
How about this orange caboose?

Most of the towns on our journey are only here because of the railroad, except for where we are here in St. Francisville, which exists because it was a port on the Mississippi.

You must see a lot of garbage by the side of the road. What do you see the most? Augustus Busch, St. Louis, MO
Bud Light by a landslide!

We are back on the bike tomorrow for our final full day in Louisiana. Join us for another 80+ mile day!

4 thoughts on “Coast 2 Coast Day 38: More Questions Answered

  1. My guess on the farm equipment is a crop sprayer for putting down insecticide and / or fertilizer. Anyone else want to guess?

  2. That thing is a field sprayer and folds out up to 80 feet can spray a field in just a few hours . tall so it to go over crops already growing. like corn we see them here all the time.
    Dan in Kansas

  3. Googled talk wheel farm machinery sprayer and……..we have a match! Thanks Mark Weaver for the sprayer word. That clinched it.

    I’m thinking it must get easier to ride 80+ miles since there isn’t a specific mileage mentioned. You’re in the zone! 😶👍

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