Cruising in the OC

You know you are in Orange County when you see FOUR Teslas in the first mile of a ride. The exotic cars are just part of the sights and sounds of the landscape around here.  Beautiful homes, beautiful cars and beautiful people are everywhere, and we are lucky enough to take it all in for a few months a year.

There is even a Tesla car dealership in the mall, go figure!

The weather is spectacular and we are cranking out the miles and just enjoying life.

We turn the pedals while the planes turn in air.

We attend the third annual Great Pacific Air show in Huntington Beach.  It’s the largest air show in the country and it features an afternoon of old and new aircraft and lots of fancy flying over the ocean.

New this year is an OCtoberfest just a few miles from the house.  Although this post will not contain any pictures of ice cream, I know that some of our fans will be just as happy to see pretzels (and beer).  Prost!

Speaking of our favorite things, did someone say donuts?  It’s always fun when the home team is playing in the World Series and our favorite donut shop tries to do their part!

The donuts look a lot better than the Dodgers played.  More donut porn – this one is a Chocolate Oreo Kahlua (which we share).

I’ll close with some pictures of what we see in bloom at this time of year, and a shot of sunset.

Rumor has it you can eat the prickly pears. The thorns might hurt.



Red flowers line the bike trail.
Our friend Mitzi loves Birds of Paradise.
We get one of these almost every night.

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8 thoughts on “Cruising in the OC

  1. Hey, you’re in our neck of the woods. A great ride is the Hicks Canyon loop…Jeffrey bike trail north, Hicks Canyon west, San Diego River trail south and then back to your starting point.

  2. Always good to see your posts. Yes, looks like you have some beautiful weather. We’d love to ride with you again sometime. Perhaps you can come to Colorado for some miles.
    Rose & john

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