Breaking News, or News of a Break

Happy New Year to our dear readers!

Many have been wondering about the burning question of 2018…”did Eve and Roger achieve their goal of 5000 miles?”

The answer is YES, and here is a picture taken at that very moment on our neighborhood ride.

It was the day before Christmas and it was cold and sunny so we sucked it up, put on our tights and (new) jackets and churned out the needed miles.  It’s a good thing we did because 2 days after Christmas disaster struck.

The very short (for me) version of the story is that we were on a walk and I tripped on an uneven seam in the sidewalk and fell on my right arm and face.

the height difference is about 4 fingers!

The damages were pretty extensive: fractured radial head (elbow); bruised bone and ligament damage in wrist; broken rib; face hit the concrete at the eyebrow area causing abrasions, swelling and a lovely black eye. Since I shared the damage from the sidewalk incident in Amsterdam in 2015, I will share the picture from the day after this incident as well.

Not my best look…

It’s been just over 6 weeks since the mishap and I’m on the mend and back on the bike (with doctors’ permission) and we logged almost 30 miles (3 rides in the mild weather) this week!  Happy Dance!

Coming soon, we go in search of some warm weather.

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21 thoughts on “Breaking News, or News of a Break

  1. Oh, Eve, been there, done that, twice! One minute, you are walking, the next you are on the ground in a ton of pain. Looks like your right arm, that totally sucks. Glad your head injuries were superficial, the rest heals. My first was a sidewalk trip, left arm. The second was a bike accident, right arm. The right arm was more of an issue as in how do you brush your teeth? Did Roger do your hair, earrings and nails?😀. Chuck freaked out trying to put in my earrings. The wrap looks all to familiar, with that funny plastic brace thing. Keep getting better and we are looking forward to seeing you for the GTR pretour. Needless to say, I am treading verrrry carefully with studded boots on our super icy roads up here in the north and anxiously awaiting our departure in 2 weeks.

    Stay well, Judy Harris

  2. Ouch!

    But that’s very stylish to have your eye and your nails match so well. You may have just started a whole new fashion trend.

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

  3. As someone who’s been there WAY TOO OFTEN…sorry to hear that you re-joined the BBB (Broken Bone Brigade). And that shiner!!! But it sounds like you’re well on the way to normalcy. Stay that way!.

  4. oh dear! i sending healing thoughts your way! got a black eye once. i was talking to my boss, turned, and smacked my face on a doorway. i was 8 months pregnant, too. ps LOVE the nail polish!

  5. Wow! How awful that must have been! So glad you are back to riding. No more waiting in anticipation. Looking forward to seeing you in March.

  6. Eve, I feel your pain. I’m recovering from a fall down a flight of steps backwards. I broke my radial head, too! That was in September. Hope you heal fast. Peggy Tresenriter

  7. Sorry to hear about your fall, Eve. I fell a week ago but it’s Illinois winter so I fell into a snowbank! I am glad you are on the mend and feel better soon!

  8. Eve, So sorry to hear about your fall, but happy you’re healed and back on the bike. Enjoy riding and be safe out there.
    Looking forward to seeing you and Roger in May.

  9. Reading the blog events of your Bubba’s C2C ride a couple of years ago is what prompted me to be a coaster in 2018. What a great experience. I met you guys at one of our overnight stops last year.

    I was still feeling all healthy and all after the 30 pound weight loss. In Nov., I was walking/carrying while playing golf when, coming off a slick/wet green, I slipped/fell and broke my right fibula clean in too. It snapped like a dry tree branch.

    The ortho guy I went to was a surgeon I had worked with. After a back and forth, we decided to not operate. So far, I’m healing OK. I go back to him this Tuesday.

    Hope to be riding when the weather breaks. Good luck. It’s no fun.


    1. We are both lucky that these unfortunate incidents DIDN’T happen prior to our plans to ride C2C. I have to admit I thought about that quite a bit while sitting in the ER! I wish you a speedy recovery, and hope you can back to riding soon.

  10. We are so sorry to hear of your fall and injury. I did a quick google search on “wearable bubble wrap”. There are many choices from playful to stylish, but none seemed to be appropriate for cycling or even just walking. Get well soon.

  11. Ouch! And quite a surprise! Glad you are healing quickly… congrats on the 5k miles for 2018. How many miles did you get the year you did the Bubba C2C?

    See you guys at GTR.

  12. Wow! Eve, that looks really painful. Of all things, while walking. With all the road biking you do the odds were against getting so banged up by walking. Still, it happens. We’re sorry to read and see your post. You are right, good planning to have the accident in the winter. Glad you are already back on your bike. 5000 miles, Roger, good accomplishment. I was a little short of that, John did more. Just glad to be able to ride as much as we do. Life is good. Would love to see you again if you ever get out west.


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