Things That Fly

Sometimes we just like to share our pretty pictures, a few keen observations of nature and our surroundings.  While on a ride we happened upon an afternoon of kites near the Huntington Beach Pier.  I think the picture is almost surreal, but it was an awesome sight.

Speaking of surreal, for 3 days we experienced a butterfly migration of epic proportion.  It seems that the rainy winter and a subsequent super bloom of flowers caused about a billion painted butterfly’s to travel through SoCal on their way from western Mexico to the Pacific Northwest. They were everywhere while we were riding, but they were extremely difficult to photograph.  I took about 50 pictures but was unable to capture the essence of the experience.

What I have is a few (almost embarrassing) pictures of just a few butterflies passing through.  They flew by too quickly!  We circled a few just for fun.

There were many in the area when I snapped this one
A few more flitting along

While riding near Camp Pendleton we frequently see training exercises, but we don’t always get such a close up look at the Osprey Helicopters.  They land and takeoff like a helicopter buy apparently fly like a plane – now you know!

Here we are out enjoying a ride through Laguna Beach, breaking from the theme so our fans get a glimpse of us having a lovely ride!

Chamber of Commerce weather!

Back to things that fly, flags in the wind, and lucky for us on this particular day this was a tailwind all the way home.

And here we are passing by the Least Tern preserve area in Huntington Beach.  There are so many here it’s hard to believe they are an endangered species.

The white in the water is the terns.  They are very noisy, screeching and talking to each other.

Some of the trails we ride are right beside the MetroLink and SurfLiner trains.  We enjoy seeing them fly by on occasion.

Finally, we often ride through the Back Bay Lagoon, where most of the traffic is runners, walkers and bicycles. The speed limit is 15 mph.   We caught up to a “supercar” outing on a Saturday morning.  I’m not sure who was flying this time, but let the record show – we caught the Ferrari!

Happy Spring – we look forward to the longer and warmer days and wish you great weather.

Next time, we experience the Redlands Metric Century and visit with friends.

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3 thoughts on “Things That Fly

  1. We were surprised at no sweet treats too! Distracted by the scenes and feeling stoked for catching the Ferrari….? As usual, love reading your memory making adventures. :):)

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