Miles, Smiles and Sweets!

Apparently, my last post disappointed some loyal readers–no pictures of ice cream or donuts.  I will fix that in a moment, but first…

We signed up for the Redlands Metric Century because someone posted it on a SoCal Tandems page that we follow on Facebook.  There was even a tandem category for registration so we thought we might meet some people and ride with some tandems.  Wrong and wrong. We’re glad we did it because we would never go out and ride 62 miles on our own and it’s nice to get a little push. The day before the ride we drove about 60 miles mostly on “the 91” which took about 3 hours (not kidding).

The Saturday morning ride start was at 8am, it was sunny but cold (around 52 at the beginning of the ride).

About 500 riders were in attendance.

The scenery was very pretty with snow covered mountains and incredible views all around us.

Within the subdivisions, there are still orange groves.

About 50 miles into the ride I told Roger that I was glad we did it, but we could check it off the list and I really didn’t want to come back and do it again.  Why? Since we were 60 miles closer to the mountains we thought we would be doing a little “country” riding, but in reality the riding was the same as it is in Newport Beach.  Lots and lots of lights and stop signs. 62 miles and at least 62 traffic signals!

The people who we rode with were very friendly and we earned the ice cream!  For those keeping track, that’s cherry-chocolate chip-marshmallow and pistachio. 

Speaking of friendly, we visited with dear friends Nancy and Michael from Encinitas.

And we really enjoy the company of local riders and friends Britt and Kevin on our weekly rides together.

I’ll close this post with our St. Patrick’s Day ride.  We wore our green and visited our favorite craft donut store.

Just think of those squirts of icing as pots of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Until next time, here’s the “sunset of the week”.

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3 thoughts on “Miles, Smiles and Sweets!

  1. Love it. Cliff said Redlands is a fast ride back when he was young. He did it on the single bike in the early 80s. They didn’t have a lot of lights and stops back then. Yummy treats are always a great sight. 👍👍

  2. If you want to ride the last a little further north than the OC we live near the beach in Playa del Rey and ride the strand from Torrance Beach to Pacific Palasades, round trip about 46 miles. Go thru Santa Monica, Venice, Redondo Beach, Hermosa Beach, Manhattan Beach and surrounds. best midweek. Let us know. We’ve met you on a couple of rides.
    O I a

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