Super Bloom!

It was a rainy winter in SoCal and as a result all we’ve heard about since we’ve been here is the super bloom.  Super blooms ROCK, and not just because we had the awesome 3 day butterfly migration earlier in the month, but because the hills are alive with flowers and color!

This area in the Irvine Preserve is usually brown!

Everywhere we ride, and everything we see just looks different with the extra added color, and in some cases we are able to enjoy the tantalizing fragrances as well.

Standing in front of a fragrant jasmine hedge. If only this blog was scratch and sniff…

This is a story that can only be told with photographs so enjoy!

We have never seen this hill in bloom in March!
Shady Canyon is alive with color.
The lavender compliments our bike.
We have seen and smelled several varieties of lavender this trip.
Wildflowers are everywhere you look!
The bike paths usually have scrubby growth, now they are so colorful!
This area in Costa Mesa is usually brown…
So vibrant and beautiful to see.

Before I close, here I am making sure there are enough sprinkles on my frozen yogurt!

I cannot begin to describe how delicious this mint/oreo donut was!
On our last ride we visit Sweet Jills in Seal Beach for a sweet treat!

We are now headed back to the ATL a week earlier than originally planned. Our big news is that we are downsizing and moving about 6.5 miles west of where we currently reside. We’ve got three weeks to pack up and move out.

SoCal spring training by the numbers:
766 total miles ridden
22 rides (4 off days)
34.8 miles per ride

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5 thoughts on “Super Bloom!

  1. Congrats on downsizing! It was the best move we ever made.
    Ummmmm……you do remember that there is a Tandem Rally coming up?
    You guys are on the fast track 👍

  2. Thanks for the updates. We are just back on the bike following Dave’s back surgery in December. Hope to ride with you and the PEACHES group again this year. Safe travels.

  3. You were just a stone’s throw from our house! We tandem Back Bay, Shady Canyon, Bommer Canyon and Fairview Park all the time! Safe trip home and enjoy a “smooth move” to your new digs.

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