Arrivederci Roma

We are looking in the rear view mirror as we drive on to Tuscany. We’ve had a glorious three days as tourists seeing the sights of Rome. As first time visitors to the city we hit all of the must-see hotspots while our tandem cases remained in storage at the airport.

About 150 pounds of bike and clothes.

Roger tells me I must provide more words, so I’ll tell you that Rome is a fantastic, very crowded tourist mecca. Evidently, every recent college graduate from the United States is here with her mother. If you can withstand the harassment of the “entrepreneurs” selling selfie sticks, charging cables, bracelets, and plastic trinkets, you may be able to soak in some of the history and marvel at the sights like we did.
The Atlanta Falcons have never played here.

I feel a photo essay coming on, please enjoy our pics of Rome.
In Vatican City. The Pope was in town, but did not receive us.

The Pope’s balcony.

At the bottom of the Spanish Steps. Yes, we climbed them.

The Trevi fountain, the three coins in the fountain fountain.

The Pantheon is the world’s largest freestanding dome. And it’s 2000 years old.

Snack break! So far, we have had pizza every day.

And pasta. They cook it more al dente here.
This was quite yummy, a meat and cheese antipasto.

They specialize in old buildings here, like The Forum.

At the Villa Borghese. This guy had a lot of money in the 1600’s.

In case you were wondering, we will be changing locations every Saturday for the next 6 weeks or so. We will try to post at least once a week.

Up next: cycling with tandem friends out of a villa in Arezzo.

The weather forecast looks grim.

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4 thoughts on “Arrivederci Roma

  1. I’m getting hungry just reading this. But where is the ice cream? Rome is wonderful. And I do love your descriptions. Have fun.

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