The Villa Palazzaccio

Dateline – Arezzo, Italy. At the Villa Palazzaccio with eight other couples who are friends or about to be friends.  It’s been a year since we were invited on this trip which launched us on a six-week European odyssey.

The weather has not been optimal (to say the least) so we have time for blogging and today we’ll share a bit about the villa.

It’s big!  It’s got 13 bedrooms (sleeps 26) and ten of the rooms have their own bathrooms. There are at least three living/gathering rooms, a game room, a few dining areas and enough dishes and silverware for 4 course meals for a crowd.

Quite impressive from the distance.
And lovely from a bit closer.
The kitchen is big enough for various cooks and our dinner chefs.
I wish we had made better use of the game room.
The group enjoyed visiting in the sitting rooms.

It’s just a shame that the weather is preventing us from making use of the beautiful outdoor areas.  The pool would be inviting if the temps were warmer and the rain would stop falling. And it would be a treat to dine al fresco if we could.

We used the pool for bike building after we arrived.
The outdoor dining area is wet in this photo.

Speaking of dining, Caren and Mike, who organized this week, hired chefs to prepare our dinners at the villa and we have been indulged with fabulous four course meals and lots of leftovers for lunch!

The dining room set for a spectacular dinner.
Just insert the people!

Although I’ve been photographing every course, I will not overwhelm you with food pics. That’s a different blog.  Here are some of our faves so far.

For our friend Stefanie, who really likes these salads.
We all wished this incredible eggplant parmigiana was the main course (it was for some of us).
This vegetarian lasagna was perfection!
Desserts to make anyone giddy.
A divine chocolate bomb cake with fresh strawberry sauce – Yum!

BTW, Gelato and ice cream are a completely different category and will get their due in a separate post!

Fortunately the weather cleared for us at the end of the week. We are saying ciao to this group and location on Saturday. Up next: touring, wine tasting (and finally) riding from Arezzo.

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9 thoughts on “The Villa Palazzaccio

  1. Wow! The food looks incredible! Perfect for a vegetarian! Thanks for all the wonderful pictures of the villa. So sorry the weather didn’t cooperate. Hope the rest of your trip has clear skies.

  2. Hopefully the weather will improve because that looks like a lot of (well worth it) calories! You should have brought a travel mah jongg set to pass the time on rainy days 🙂

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