Sommacampagna (translates to flatter and hotter)!

We are north from Tuscany, near the lakes region of Italy.  It’s flatter and much warmer here so as Bubba would say, “It’s All Good”!

While we were in our Saturday change-over day we routed through a town called Maranello, it’s famous because it’s the home of the Ferrari factory and museum.

We visited the museum and were wowed by a collection of fast, red machines.

Although we were impressed, we still are not considering “the Ferrari Lifestyle”.
You can rent one if you want. It’s only $400 for 30 minutes.

This is very popular with European bachelor parties.

Our current home is much smaller and cozier than the super-huge villa in Arezzo, and we are less than 1/2 mile away from low traffic roads and wonderful bike routes.

The house and our trusty Ford S-Max diesel rental car.

This area is quite agricultural.  In addition to the grapes we have seen lots of fruit, veggies and wheat fields.

Amber waves of grain.

There is nothing like the smell of a field that has been freshly-fertilized with pig poop.

They dump the poop out of big trucks.

Ah, the smells of agriculture in Italy.

We celebrated my birthday this week. There was cake on the ride and gelato later.

One pastry per five years?
Cake and gelato in the same day. What a birthday!

We rode my age in kilometers which probably didn’t account for all the calories…but hey, it was my birthday!

We continued the celebration the next day with a trip to Verona. After our morning ride we saw the hot spots and suffered the crowds of bus tours in the “big” city.

They build nice churches in Italy.
And nice clock towers too.
Verona’s biggest tourist trap, Juliet’s house.  Neither she nor Romeo ever lived here since they are fictional.
In front of the Verona coliseum, which is still in use 2000 years later.

Then we capped it off with a very special dinner.

First course: bruschetta, prosciutto, and burrata cheese.
This steak Florentine would make a vegetarian want to eat meat.
And a side order of grilled veggies.

It’s always great to discover (mostly) paved bike paths in the area and Roger makes them part of our routes.

Bike paths, Italian-style.

We rode north along a canal/bike path to Lake Garda and took in the sights.
The water along the bike path is a funny color of blue. Smells bad in some places.

Garda is Italy’s largest lake and a very popular vacation spot which means there are lots of people and cars there so we got in and we got out!

Greetings from Lake Garda.

Coming soon: Roger’s ode to pizza, and a change in language!

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