Car Shopping on “The Million Dollar Mile”

There is a stretch of road in Newport Beach that the locals refer to as Mariner’s Mile.

We cyclists refer to it as “the !@#$%^ place where the PCH loses it’s bike lane. Or “The Miracle Mile” if you ride through there and survive. Anyway, back in the day, Mariner’s Mile was home to marinas and yacht dealers where you could easily drop a million dollars on a water vessel. Over time, the boatyards sailed off, and now, if you want to drop seven figures, the place to do it is at a car dealership. Maybe they should rename it “Millionaire’s Mile”.

What’s stranger: spending $15,000 on a tandem bicycle or a million dollars on a car? It depends on who you ask, of course. We took our two-seat bicycle (which did not cost anything close to $15,000 by the way) to Mariner’s Mile in search of cars that cost over a million dollars. We found four. Warning: there may be some “car porn” in this post.

First stop, the Pagani dealership. What’s a Pagani? Evidently, it’s a very rare car.

They only get about 6 of these in a year. With only 1400 miles, this one is gently used. After all, where could you possibly go to try out its 238 mph top speed?

This 730-horsepower Batmobile can be yours for $1.4 million.

The Ferrari dealership is just a few pedal strokes to the north.

Although, we are a red car family, we really liked the blue one that was parked out front.

It’s a “steal” at $250,000.

As you can see, we are dressed for car shopping.

Would you sell a car to these two? Fortunately, the car salesmen are very friendly. Nobody throws us out. One even asked if we have ever considered “the Ferrari lifestyle”. My mind has considered it, but my wallet quickly rejected it.

Perhaps you would like a Ferrari F12 TDF to be part of your lifestyle?

This 730-horsepower baby has carbon-fiber everything and can be parked in your garage for $1.4 million.

Does it come in red?

We pop into the Maserati store, mostly because it is right next door. The only thing they have that seats two is this $300,000 McLaren.

A bargain at any price. Fortunately, there’s a McLaren dealership right down the street

I’m standing next to a starter model. Only $215,000! They keep the good stuff inside here.

Eve is thrilled to find out you can get one in purple. Evidently, silver is the expensive color choice. This one-owner 2008 Bugatti Veyron has 18,000 miles and comes to us from Las Vegas.

The 16-cylinder (yes, sixteen–not a misprint) engine puts out 1000 horsepower. Imagine what that sounds like.

The car gets 8 mpg. If you can afford the $1.2 million price, you probably don’t care about your gas mileage.

The next car is so expensive, it gets its own room in the dealership.
The 2015 McLaren P1 has 727 horsepower and gets to 125 mph faster than your car gets to 60 mph.

Interestingly, it comes with an extra see-through body.  This beauty only has 850 miles on it. Apparently, you can’t drive the P1 to your favorite restaurant. Imagine what the valet would say when he found out you paid $2.8 million for it. He would probably give you a good parking space.

There’s one more car dealer left, and here you can get a relative bargain.

The BMW i8 only has 358 horsepower, but it’s a hybrid. Save the planet, and save some money.

At $155,000, it’s exotic-looking and the deal of the day. Evidently, that’s only $1798 a month.

You can knock $11,000 off the price if you go without the “Frozen Yellow” paint.

This car shopping is exhausting. We leave you with a more serene scene…

13 thoughts on “Car Shopping on “The Million Dollar Mile”

  1. Finally a post I can identify with although haven’t been to Pagani dealer yet

    Yes reality disappears in Newport Beach as you well know

  2. To answer the bike rack question… I HAVE SEEN SeaSucker ( racks on a couple droolworthy cars. And the bikes on them are usually in Roger’s $15K range…of course!

  3. You don’t need a Bugatti Veyron to get 8 MPG. Our 44 foot motorhome with a 400 HP turbo diesel gets 8 MPG, has a full kitchen, King bed, 1.5 bathrooms, and 3 TVs! And it can carry (or pull) many bikes.

  4. None appeared to qualify as tandem haulers. You could just use bungie cords to tie the tandem to the roof, but you might scratch the paint [of your tandem].

    We always love your posts and enthusiasm.

  5. Good eye, Reverend! It is a different bike, new to us, but a gently-used 1999 Erickson . We shipped out to California as it has no couplers. It lives there now, waiting for our return.

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