South by Southwest

We were home from California all of three days before hitting the road for a ten-day car trip. Last spring we spent 19 days riding our bike across the state of Texas. This year we attended the Southwest Tandem Rally (SWTR) in Brenham, Texas. Our drive to Texas was designed to welcome the 2018 Coast 2 Coast tour to Pensacola, and their final state in the journey.

When in Pensacola, why not go Irish?
Featuring pretzels the size of your head.

We rode west from Pensacola (on a cold and windy morning) to the state line to meet and photograph the riders.

The state line in 2017.
The state line one year later.

Unfortunately, the riders didn’t show up because our calculations were based on the ferry we took on our trip, and this year they crossed from Dauphin Island, Alabama on a later ferry!
We struggled against 15-20 mph headwinds for the first half of our ride, then got to turn around and enjoy the strong push back.

Check out the flags in the background. Windy.

We joined the tour for a spaghetti dinner at the church that was hosting them, and had a nice visit with Bubba and the gang.

The man, the legend.

We hopped on Interstate 10 west. Next stop, Texas.

They do everything big in Texas.

Two days of sightseeing in, and riding near the capital city of Austin are on the agenda.

The Texas capitol is made of pink granite.
Bats fly out of the Ann Richards bridge every night after sunset during warm weather.
Along the road near Dripping Springs. Beef…it’s what’s for dinner in Texas.
Returning to Bastrop after our ride.

Brenham was the site for SWTR 2018.

Marcia Becker and The Hotts (Houstonians on Tandems Together) organized and hosted the weekend event.

The weather was cold-ish and threatening, but held off and all rides happened.

Car traffic was almost nonexistent along our routes. On this road, pavement was nonexistent too!
Our small riding group pauses for a butt break, and a photo.

The routes were beautiful, and the wild flowers were in abundant bloom – even the famous bluebonnets were everywhere!

We finally got our picture in a field of bluebonnets

What else could you ask for? Ice Cream, of course…Brenham is where Blue Bell Ice Cream was born in the early 1900’s.

Cherry Vanilla and Mint Chip. Creamy and delicious
Our next career?

It was a perfect weekend of riding, fun, and ice cream and we thank our good friends at SWTR for making us feel so welcome!

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