Georgia Tandem Rally XX

Rain!  A Rally Organizer’s nightmare.  Rain, or just the mere suggestion of rain in the forecast causes mature adults to act irrationally.

Our twentieth edition of the Georgia Tandem Rally, and a three day pre-tour for twenty teams, took place last week under the threat of less than perfect weather conditions.  Everyone who decided to attend got lucky and those who cancelled missed out on all the fun, and some pretty decent riding conditions.

Pre-tour group shot
Hotel staff with our group in Madison

We had scheduled six days of riding, and our pre-tour group rode through (only) twenty miles of rain.  Luckily it was about 70 degrees so everyone was able to stay warm enough. Spirits were high, and there were lots of smiles as our teams rolled into Covington.

Rain, and smiles for Hank and Kathy
Chip and Nancy are happy to arrive in Covington

Athens hosted the weekend, rain-free rally.  I’ll qualify that a bit, we did have some rain in the evenings and during the night, but none during our riding times.  In fact, the overcast skies worked in our favor as our riding temps were quite pleasant.

The new kits DID NOT get rained on!
Our first picture in our new jerseys!

After 20th Anniversary jerseys were delivered to most of the teams (in central Florida) who decided not to attend the rally, they gathered for a ride and the stokers hung their heads in shame for this photo.  We hope to see them next year.

Shame…thanks to Hank Williams for this picture

In a few days we’ll be off to Virginia to attend the Eastern Tandem Rally and Bike Virginia.  Stay tuned for all of the photos and fun.  You can follow this blog and it will come into your email each time we post, just click the FOLLOW button on the upper right side of the page!

3 thoughts on “Georgia Tandem Rally XX

  1. Always fun reading tandempalooza. We smile the entire read. Most memorable was the “shame” pic. Good natured fun abounds with the GTR crowd.

  2. Wow! What a huge undertaking to organize. I see lots of smiles in spite of the rain. No wonder you don’t mind a little rain when you ride here; we would never go out in it unless you are along.😊

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