Happy Summer

The Summer Solstice is a big deal in France, so in its honor, I am posting lots of pictures of lavender. It’s still a few weeks away from perfection here in Provence, but it’s getting close!  I just wish you could smell it and hear the buzzing of the busy bees. Enjoy!

With the Luberon in the background.
At the higher elevations the lavender is still green.
This is NOT lavender at the base of Simian la Rotonde, but it’s still my favorite color!
A lovely Russian woman presented me with a bouquet of lavender!
Sometimes there are poppies mixed in.
Speaking of poppies, couldn’t resist sharing this one too!
A great match for my new Ventoux jersey!

The hills are alive with the sound of buzzing!

Our time in France is ending and we are off to Belgium. Coming up, beer and bikes in Bruges.

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8 thoughts on “Happy Summer

      1. We sure do! Also I’m glad you risked it in the lavender with the bees! I would never do that!

  1. As I read this to Cliff, I described you both standing in the field like the Sound of Music. Then I sang your words. 😊👍. We smile when we think of y’all.

  2. My favorite picture is the one in the fields with your arms out. I love those jerseys – the colors with the bike on the front. The people in them make them look even better. So glad you are having so much fun.

  3. Love the pics! Especially the poppies and lavender mixed. We toured this brewery in Bruges and recommend it:

    I know ya’ll have been on many a brewery tour, but this one is unique (it’s in Bruges!) and the beers at the end are delicious. What Belgian beer isn’t? Keep having a great trip – nothing’s going on here. ; )

  4. France, every square inch, is heaven! For many summers, I and fellow teachers with our students traveled France from east to south, from south to north to west. One of the most beautiful countries ever. You both are so very lucky to be cycling la Belle France.

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