Big, Beautiful, Bodacious Belgian Beers

We had our share of French lavender earlier on this trip, but now we have moved onto Belgium. And beer is why we are here.

Nobody does beer like the Belgians. Every glass has the correct name of the brewery on it.

When they serve you the beer, they turn the glass so that the brewery name faces you.

I could argue that it’s the best in the world, but I might make some Germans angry.

And Belgium is full of beer-swilling Germans. And British subjects who don’t know what hit them because they are used to drinking mass quantities of low-alcohol beer.

The beer here is much more potent. Most of what you see is over 6.5% alcohol. Some of it is over 10%.

Sometimes you get to drink your beer in some really cool glasses.

And sometimes you get to drink them in cool buildings from the 1400’s. (That’s not a misprint.). If those walls could talk.

This bar featured (creepy) puppets.

The Tour de France is coming right by it in a few days (it starts in Brussels this year) and they are ready.

We kept track of how many different beers we had. The list was over 25 and we didn’t even make a dent in the choices.

And we didn’t make a dent in the beer pictures we took.

So here’s to you, Belgium, and all of your beers.

Don’t worry…there is some left for you!

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