SOORTA Riding Off-Road

We finished the trip with 2 days of  single track mountain bike riding at Santos SOORTA (Self-Organized Off-Road Tandem Adventure) event.  Around 25 teams attended the ride near Ocala, FL.

The “fast” group waiting on the “slow” group.

I can assure you that this event does NOT organize itself, a good bit of work goes into pulling it off and the “self” part is a misnomer! 

Organized by Monica and Chris Judd, who usually do not wear matching jerseys.

The yellow group at the famous Santos Land Bridge. Single track riding is not anything we had ever done before.
Spy photo courtesy of Angela Knecht

Even though we were not on trails that are officially designated as technical it takes a lot of strength, concentration and slick handling by the captain to wind through the trees and get from point A to point B.

After two days of tiring riding we played it safe and finished up on the paved trail with Walt and Kathy.

My captain did a fantastic job, but I think I prefer the wider double track, gravel and unpaved forest fire roads for my off-road fun! 

Later in 2020 we’ll do the GAPCO gravel trail ride with Bubba’s Pampered Pedalers.  That ride is the real reason we got the “new” off road machine.

Next on our spring schedule, riding on the left coast.

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