West Coast Wonderful

We are incredibly lucky that we get to spend time in a fabulous home located in idyllic Southern California. The weather is usually terrific, the riding is great and the sunsets can be magnificent! It only gets better when we “import” riding companions for a week.

First, a few words about the oil spill that happened early in October, about a week before we arrived. Huntington Beach is just 10 miles north of us and it was the epicenter of the pipeline rupture. We saw the clean up efforts in full force as we rode along Huntington, Crystal Cove and Laguna Beach. We didn’t smell anything and the beaches at Corona-del-Mar appear to remain pristine. It wasn’t as bad as originally thought (this time).

Now back to our originally scheduled fun! We spent a week getting reacquainted with all of our favorite routes before our special guests from home came to visit.

Waiting for the commuter train at the end of the Walnut trail
A big hello to Zot on the UCI campus
Visiting a pumpkin/sunflower patch in Irvine

We love to celebrate birthdays, and we celebrated every single day of the week of riding and visiting with John and Mitzi.

Just to prove that we do more than cycle, here’s a shot of us on a hike in Bommer Canyon.

On Mitzi’s actual birthday we rode for donuts, we toasted the sunset at Lookout Point, and after dinner out, there was cake.

You won’t be shocked if I tell you mine had sprinkles!
Toasting the Birthday Girl and the spectacular day!
Apparently it doesn’t matter if you’ve already had donuts!

While you are enjoying the pictures of the treats we indulged in, here is a look at Jill’s bakery and the damage we did while in Seal Beach later in the week. And let it be known, we have not had a dessert since our guests left!

This is one of a wall of cases…it’s so hard to pick!
You can’t make a bad choice at Jill’s!
Here we are, still smiling after all those sweets!
This guy lives a few blocks from us, it’s the first time we have actually seen him.

Even though our guests left and we stopped eating desserts, we continue to enjoy the riding and the relaxation.

And the sunsets when the mist and clouds don’t obscure it.

Roger had a new drone delivered, and he’s taking some cool shots of the area. No, it does not deliver Amazon packages!

I would be remiss if I didn’t also mention that Judy came to visit and we celebrated her special Birthday (and broke the “no more desserts” pledge) while watching the Braves play in the World Series! It was a great day for Georgia sports teams and yet another fun celebration.

Speaking of celebrations, we will soon return to the city where we live and the home of the World Series Champion Atlanta Braves!

Our drive for 5,000 miles continues during our last week here on the West Coast. You can rest assured that we will get there before the year ends.

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