62 Miles, Six Covered Bridges

The covered bridge metric century is a “must do” ride in Amish country and we “must do” it today because the temperatures are predicted to be near 100 by the end of the week. We start riding around 7:30, but with the hills and the stops, we don’t finish until about 1:30. It’s hot and our legs are cooked as we hit the Amish family cooking spot for a late lunch.

Yes, the fried chicken was really good, and we’ve had a lot of fried chicken in our travels. And speaking of food, did I mention that it is going to be a good corn season here in Pennsylvania? I don’t know what they are feeding this stuff, but we ARE pretty close to Three-Mile Island.

Meanwhile, back to the ride, which features six, count ’em six, covered bridges in 62 miles. Those of you who know us will not be surprised to find out that we stopped and took picture at each bridge. Here’s bridge #1 at 12 miles…

We had a mini-tripod on the ride with us. Bridge #2 was 22 miles in…

Bridge #3 hit at 33 miles…

Yes, we have eaten a lot, but Eve is still under the weight limit. On to bridge #4, at 48 miles:

Like Casey Casem, I’m counting them all. Bridge #5 at 56 miles was very close to the last one:

And the final bridge was five hot and sweaty miles from the end:

Tonight we carbed up at an Italian place with two plates of pasta. We are ready for tomorrow’s challenge, when we will ride to Hershey in search of the perfect chocolate bar.

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