Three-Mile Meltdown

Today’s blog is sponsored by our good friends at Hershey and Mars candies.

We started our ride in Elizabethtown, where unbeknown to us, Mars has a chocolate plant where they make Milky Ways, Three Musketeers, and Dove chocolates. The whole town smells like chocolate as we get ready for the ride. First stop, Three-Mile Island, home of the 1979 nuclear accident.

There are two nuclear reactors there, one that works, and the other that looks quite abandoned.

Our next stop is the main destination for the day, Hershey. I had a feeling that Hershey was going to be a disappointment and it didn’t let me down. No smell of chocolate, no factory tour, no stores near the factory–nothing on the Hershey side of the tracks.


Cross the tracks, though, and it becomes tourist city with amusement parks, hotels, and outlet malls. We got as far as the outlet mall, turned around and got the heck out of Dodge. So unless you have a car full of kids and like going to Six Flags, I suggest you stay away from Hershey.


Today’s ride was 38 miles and it was 95 degrees when we finished. The people that see us riding think we are nuts, and they may be right. Luckily, we have shorter rides planned for the rest of the week, so we will be able to be finished before the heat stroke sets in…


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