BRAG 2013 Day 1: They Say It’s Your Birthday

It’s Eve’s birthday, and what a better way to celebrate than with the first official day of BRAG. Our start point is Cordele and we ride parallel to I-75 South for most of the day, all the way to Tifton. Like us, you have probably driven on this part of 75 many times, but this is the first time we have ridden in the area.

Since we are so close to the interstate, there are fun tourist attractions all day.

Our first stop is the crime and punishment museum in Ashburn where we are thrown in jail for riding too fast.

It used to be the Turner County jail, but now it’s available for tours. Don’t miss the full-size replica of Georgia’s electric chair!

Nearby is the world’s largest peanut.

We know you have seen this from the highway. Try the sausage store next door.

We end the ride at the Georgia Museum of Agriculture, which some know as Agrirama. It’s also an interstate landmark and houses a lot of old agricultural buildings.

We are hungry and there is a BBQ place nearby.

Pit Stop BBQ is really good and is a nice reward after a 59-mile day on the bike.

Later this afternoon, the birthday celebration begins.

Claudia and Randy decorate the door to our room and also decorate the birthday girl.

Eve is thirsty, and we order her some beer.


Dinner is at the Olive Garden. We usually avoid chains, but when you are on foot, sometimes you can’t stray far from your hotel. We do find a cupcake store within walking distance.

Happy birthday, Eve. You earned these!

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