BRAG 2013 Day 2: The Heat is On!

We were wondering where the heat has been this year in Georgia and today we find it on our ride from Tifton to Douglas. The morning starts out nice, but we feel the humidity in the air.
Unlike Day 1, there’s not a whole lot to see at today’s rest stops, but it’s always good to get off the bike every 15 miles or so.
That’s the Irwin County courthouse in Ocilla. There are a lot of pecan groves on the route and they provide us with much-needed shade throughout the ride.
By the time we hit the Douglas city limits, it’s 88 degrees and we are melting.


After 65 miles in this heat, all we want to do is find a bakery that serves the best fried chicken in Douglas. We find it at Holt’s.


And you have to have dessert. This cake was 75 cents.


The people at Holt’s are very friendly and many of them come over to welcome us to Douglas. Perhaps the spandex told them that we really are not from around here.

Dinner tonight is at a place called the Flying Cowboy. It’s right across the street from our hotel and an easy walk on tired legs in 90-degree heat.


It costs less than $15 for both of us. And the best part is saved for last–a free ice cream scoop with every meal. We have our first ice cream of the week.


It’s raining as I type this and I hope the campers are not getting too wet. If the rain cools the ride off tomorrow, hopefully it’s worth a little moisture on the tent tonight. Day 3 is a loop ride, which gives us another day in Douglas and another chance to hit that bakery.

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