BRAG 2013 Day 3: The Layover Loop

Wednesday on BRAG is traditionally the layover day, which means you can do a loop ride of anywhere between zero and one hundred miles. You can also do your laundry if you are out of clean cycling clothes. After sleeping late (6:30!), we hit the road to find out that many of our fellow riders have chosen the zero mile option. The roads are empty of cars and bikes, but we are not complaining.

It’s an agricultural ride, which takes us through pastures and fields of just-planted mystery crops.

We also visit a majestic courthouse in Bridgetown, but court does not appear to be in session.
The second rest stop is in Willacoochie, which I am sure you know means “home of the wildcat” in Indian.
The town looks like a movie set and I suppress the urge to look behind the fronts of the buildings to make sure they are real.

50 miles later, we find ourselves back in downtown Douglas, ready for lunch. We choose Fireside Pizza, which makes their pies in a brick oven.

You stand in line to order the pizza and you can build your own with the ingredients right behind the counter.

It reminds us of Moe’s, but for pizza instead of burritos. Someone should franchise this idea if it hasn’t already been done.

After lunch, we return to Holt’s Bakery, where we had lunch yesterday and crave dessert today. After 3 hours on the bike, we deserve a “treat”.


And another treat for later at the hotel. Did you know an entire six pack of Fat Tire can fit in four jersey pockets? So that’s why they put those pockets there!

Later, we do our laundry, so we will smell fresh and clean on the bike on Day 4.

Our uneventful dinner tonight is at Ruby Tuesday because it’s the closest place to our hotel. Also within walking distance is the Dairy Queen. It’s time for another reward. And it’s a good opportunity to check out Eve’s manicure.

We can’t end the day without posting a picture of Claudia and her “ice cream smile”.


Rumor has it that there is a tropical storm in the Gulf that could put a huge damper on things. Will we make it to the end of the ride in St. Mary’s? Stay tuned to find out!

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