From the ATL to the AVL: Day 5, A Wee Bit Rainy

We are hurting from yesterday’s steep climb and decide to take today as a recovery day. We have a 45-mile ride scheduled, but cut it down to a planned 25 or so. We wake up to heavy fog, which always goes well with stuffed French toast at the City Bakery. That’s cream cheese and strawberry jelly in there.

About five miles into our ride it starts raining. A quick radar check shows light rain, which keeps getting heavier.

The rain lets up, but we are close to the hotel and decide to put the bike away after 17 miles. It’s better than not riding, right?

Speaking of our hotel, we have stayed at the Hotel Indigo for the last 3 nights and it has been fabulous. We can walk everywhere from here and only used the car to go do laundry. So don’t worry about us, we are not drinking and driving. Or eating and driving either.

It must be time for another meal.


In honor of our friends N and M, we eat vegetarian for lunch, with a tofu vegetable bowl and a BBQ tofu quesadilla. We feel really healthy at the end of this meal, and there’s only one thing to do–return to the chocolate lounge for more decadence.

Eve gets a drinkable chocolate with honey and lavender and I get the Highland Mocha Stout Cake, made with beer. It’s very moist and full of chocolate flavor, but I don’t taste the beer.

Eve is one happy camper after her drinkable chocolate. Where will we go next?

Eve will iron out the details.

Today is getaway day. We are headed to Hendersonville to visit one last brewery and get in one more bike ride. Before we leave Asheville, we visit the Moog factory where they make synthesizers.

Our musician friends should know about Moog. They just discontinued the Moog guitar, but you can have one for $3500.

The Highland Brewery, who made the beer in my chocolate cake, is on our way to Hendersonville.

We go for the flight so we can taste as much as possible.

We like the Gaelic ale the best, and it is their most popular beer.

Dinner is at Mezzaluna in Hendersonville where we carb up for our last ride with a delicious four-cheese pizza. It’s half-price wine night and we get a Chianti Classico for only $12.50. We are stealing wine!

One more ride, and one more blog entry shall happen tomorrow. Where are we headed? Stay tuned for the details, unless there is breaking news and we have a verdict in the Zimmerman trial…

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