From the ATL to the AVL: Day 6, One More for the Road

We have reached the last day of our trip, and we have time for one more ride, which should burn up enough calories to visit one more brewery. We are now in Hendersonville and have moved into a lovely bed and breakfast for two nights.
The 1898 Waverly Inn was built in (wait for it) 1898 and is the oldest continually operating hotel in Hendersonville. They are known for their breakfasts.

How about this order of French toast with fresh berries? Those are black raspberries, by the way, a treat you can only get here for two weeks every year. We are getting fueled up for a ride called the Fletcher Flyer, which is billed as the flattest century in this area.

It was by no means flat, but we climb only about 2500 feet on today’s 47-mile ride. The roads are marked and since there are no 20% climbs today, we feel like we are flying through the course.

Back in Hendersonville, we stop into an English pub for lunch. The special is the salmon BLT.

We are hungry and this hits the spot. Eve has a salad, which means she has room for ice cream! She’s been waiting all week for it.

She got a double scoop cone from Kilwins. The chocolate dipped waffle cone with sprinkles was quite tasty.

We did not take a picture of the downtown area of Hendersonville, which is surprisingly nice. There are many restaurants and shops, and the whole area has been redone in the last few years. If you are in the area, you should cruise through it because there are a lot of good places to eat here. We go to a place called “Mean Mr. Mustard” for dinner. Everything has a music theme on the menu, and the decor is all Beatles. Our kind of place.
Eve has something called the “Electric Ladyland Salad”, which has chicken salad, tuna salad, and egg salad in it. We are not sure what it has to do with Jimi Hendrix, but it must mean something to the person who wrote the menu.

There is a brewery two blocks from our B & B. I wonder how that happened!

The Southern Appalachian Brewery is a small operation in an industrial area. We get the flight and taste six beers.

The Belgian Blonde Ale (second from left) is their best offering, although the 9% Imperial Stout (beer on left in the back row) was interesting as well. We want to get some Belgian and fill up one of the growlers we have in the car, but we don’t feel like walking back to get them, so we leave empty-handed.

And speaking of leaving, we depart Hendersonville the next morning after another delicious breakfast.

This one is blueberry pancakes with pecans. They know breakfast at the 1898 Waverly Inn. This is the last entry for this vacation. We don’t write unless we are actually riding our bike on interesting vacations. Thanks for reading and we hope to see you on a future adventure.

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