Villa Deux

Let’s take a quick tour of our second house in Provence. We have an electric gate which keeps things very private and safe on the inside.  There is a neighboring house on each side of the driveway, but you can’t see any people.
The villa is surrounded by gardens, flowers and plants, it even has grape vines growing as the awning over the deck.
The pool is small, but keeps us cool after our rides on these very hot afternoons.
Our first house had a composter for us to send the fruit and veggie scraps back into nature. To the right of this house is a turtle habitat, which allows us to send our scraps back into nature in a completely different way. We have seen three turtles, but we aren’t sure just how many there actually are.  Later, we learn there are eight in the yard. 

eating the veggie offerings!
eating the veggie offerings!
The privacy of this yard allows us to continue with the clothing optional visits to the pool.
Come inside – the double doors on the right had side open to the beautifully appointed family room.
There is nice tile work throughout the house, and those couch ends recline for extra comfort and relaxation, er naps.

The kitchen is brightly colored and provides a little more counter space as well as a microwave oven, which has been nice for reheating leftovers for our lunches.  Unfortunately, it does not come with a French chef, so this American one will have to do.
We have enjoyed having our own sinks, but we do miss the stand up shower and heated outdoor shower we had in the previous villa.
Here is a water closet highlight, a whimsical touch. The toilet closed…
And now it’s opened.
So cute I had to show you!

Coming up:  ankle update, part deux. 

2 thoughts on “Villa Deux

  1. Thanks so much for sharing. I’m really enjoying reading about your trip from the accommodations to the sites, “especially the food”. The Hawaii surf seat could be the Carolina beach seat right now.

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