Captain, My Captain

This is an ode to my captain. The person who has steered the tandem for close to 900 miles during these past 5 weeks. He is my hero, my protector, my nursemaid (all too often), my chef, my route maker and my copy editor!

Lavender Festival, Apt
Lavender Festival, Apt

Before we left on this trip we spent time looking at maps and old routes and trying to figure out where to rent villas and where to ride. In the last few weeks before our departure he worked on, and created many routes which had to be altered drastically after my injury. He suffered the disappointment that came with the realization that we would not be climbing Mt. Ventoux this trip. All of those plans for evening walks (and 20,000+ step days) – gone.

We "bagged" villages this trip...only a few Cols
We “bagged” villages this trip…only a few Cols

Each night he makes a route in Ride with GPS, checks Google satellite view to make sure that the roads are all paved, and then loads it into his GPS for tomorrow’s Garmin Adventure. Then he navigates us through all of the little villages.

rolling into one of the many villages we navigated through
rolling into one of the many villages we navigated through

Many have been crazy, narrow, confusing, and winding roads. Yes there is the occasional wrong turn followed by a backtrack or correction, but it’s all part of the adventure.
Market Day, Apt
Market Day, Apt

Let’s face it, my injury one day before we headed to Provence could have been catastrophic. Yes, we had trip insurance – but we had planned this trip for almost 4 years and the disappointment of canceling would have been unthinkable.

Wine tasting
Wine tasting

I am fully aware that I am not exactly the strongest climber when I am at 100%. For our first (at least) 3 weeks of cycling there wasn’t really much power coming from my injured right ankle. Roger just picked up the slack and never complained. We were both just happy to be riding at all.
Bastille Day, Vive La France
Bastille Day, Vive La France

So I raise a toast, and write a blog to a most understanding, kind and generous man that I am lucky enough to call husband, life parter and Captain!

The trip is all done, almost 6 weeks gone and 900 miles on the bike in the blink of an eye. Thanks for reading and sharing the adventure with us.

3 thoughts on “Captain, My Captain

  1. All in all it sounds like you had a fantastic vacation in Provence! Without all the big climbing days you had time to relax and EAT and DRINK more ! πŸ˜‰
    I think we gained 10lbs reading your blog. We look forward to seeing you both again at a tandem rally. πŸ™‚

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