Coast 2 Coast Day 9:  Your Questions Answered

Believe it or not, this blog is being read by hundreds of people a day. Thanks for being one of them. While we enjoy our first day off from riding, we thought we would answer a few of your questions from our inbox. Let’s get started…

Have you seen my wall? Is it great? D. Trump, Washington DC

Yes, we have seen your wall, Mr. Trump. It’s magnificent.

What’s with those vests? They are sooooo stylish. Yves St. Laurent, ParisWe have gotten used to our vests, in fashionable “Bubba Green”. We have to wear them for three reasons: they allow people in cars to see us, we can see our fellow riders on the road, and our SAG drivers can see us as well.

How’s your love life in the tent?  Romantic?  Hugh Hefner, Chicago What happens in tent 6 stays in tent 6, but we can report that we are too tired for anything to happen!

How hot is it in Arizona? Al Roker, New York

When we wake up it’s about 55 degrees. Highs have been around 86. The Yankees in our group are complaining, but we like the “dry” heat, except when climbing.

Have we lost you as a customer now that you are such good campers? Conrad Hilton, New YorkKeep the light on for us, Conrad.

How does Eve’s hair look after a 70-mile bike ride? Vidal Sassoon, New YorkAbsolutely perfect.

Is Bubba that big or are you that small?  Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Los Angeles

Don’t mess with our 6 foot, 5 inch tall tour director!  (Don’t worry, he’s very friendly!)

Keep those cards and letters coming. Thanks for reading and we’ll be back on the road tomorrow.


15 thoughts on “Coast 2 Coast Day 9:  Your Questions Answered

  1. I agree with Vidal – Eve’s hair looks lovely! Roger, I’m sure your’s would too…. ; ) Love keeping up with you guys.

  2. The Coast to Coast ride is on my bucket list. Thanks for sharing your ride I have enjoyed following you with the FollowMee app and reading your daily blogs.

  3. Too tired for a little nighttime “nooky,” eh? I totally get that! Reminds me of the story of a leader at a national conference on “sexual habits of American males” calling out to his vast audience, “How many of you make love every day?” A few hands went up. “How many twice a week” A few hands went up. “How many once a month?” Lots of hands went up. “How many just once a year?” A fellow in the back of the auditorium gets up, raises his hand and starts cheering and dancing about. The leader asks him, “Why in the world are you so happy? Just ONCE A YEAR? The man yells out, “YEA, BUT TONIGHT’S THE NIGHT!”

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