Coast 2 Coast Day 32: A Day In The Life Of A C2Cer

A rest day is a good day to give our readers an idea of what a typical day is like.   Wake up is usually at 6am.

Chef Anne has the self-service coffee and tea bar up and running at 6:30 and breakfast is usually served at 7am.  Breakfast consists of a hot and cold buffet.  Always oatmeal with all kinds of mix-ins on riding days, cold cereal, yogurt and cottage cheese.  There is usually fruit as well as a variety of breads and a large conveyer like toaster and all kinds of toppings.

Since we break camp almost every day, either before or after breakfast all gear has to be packed away for pickup by the Wolfpack.  They load the luggage in the Penske, dismantle and store the tents and move along to the next overnight location to set up for us.

The first group of riders try to hit the road at sunrise (Around 7:30 now).  The faster riders wait a bit longer and the last ones out hit the road at around 8am,

There is usually a SAG stop with water and food about every 20 miles.  Even if you ride alone, you meet up with part of the group at these stops.

Bubba chooses a lunch spot, or if there is nothing available on a particular day we make sandwiches at breakfast time and they are kept in a cooler and delivered to us at our lunch stop.

When we reach camp each day we see the Penske truck, and the tents which tell us we have arrived.

A welcome sign greets us with pertinent information for the campsite.

We hope for more than one shower stall. Those in early usually don’t have to wait. We use paper towels and washcloths, then repurpose them as tent floor mats or bike cleaning cloths.

Do they feel like a towel? No, but they are surprisingly absorbent.

There is a shaded area with chairs set up for us, called “the pampered zone”. We have cold drinks and snacks available to hang out and discuss our ride.

Chef Anne serves snack at 4pm.

Dinner is at 5:30.  Here is a look at deep dish pizza night.

Immediately after dinner we frequently have a guest speaker – a local historian, or person of note from the community.  We always have a rider meeting to go over the route sheet for tomorrow.

Lights out (indoor camping), or quiet time is at 9pm.

Tomorrow we are back on the road for our last few days of riding in Texas. Did you know that 40% of our trip is crossing Texas?

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