Coast 2 Coast Day 33: Pies, Shakes, and Rings

After an extremely restful day, we are back on the road today.

What did we do on our rest day other than relax? We are staying on a working ranch and our kind and generous hosts take us on a hay ride!

We survey the land and learn about the livestock.

We even get a little friendly with Pepito, the burro next door.

And a dinner visit from Larry and Debbie is our special treat today.

It’s been great to have Texas friends come and join in our adventure.

Meanwhile,  back to the ride that goes mainly east, sometimes north and sometimes south, but never west. We awake to a wicked wind that shakes our tent.

Fortunately, it’s mostly at our backs today. With a slight downhill slant to the terrain, we hardly feel like we are doing any work.
Start City: Richards, TX
End city: Shepherd , TX
Miles: 62
Total miles to date: 1807
Pedaling time: 3 hours, 38 minutes
Avg. speed: 17.0 mph
Feet climbed: 2600
Fatigue factor: 5 out of 10
Wind: NW 10-20 mph, favorable for the entire day
Road condition: 4 out of 5
Temperature extremes: 50 at ride start, 66 at ride finish

We may have eaten more calories than we burned today. There’s nothing wrong with that every now and then. Our first stop, pie.

Everybody likes pie. We like this pie a lot.

Bubba promises the best onion rings on the trip today at a place called The Hop.

Let’s go to The Hop and see what’s on the menu. Keeping with the theme of the day, we order a cherry shake.

Here’s the mushroom Swiss burger that came with our rings.

Again, Bubba steers us in the right food direction. By the way, we share everything today, and if you eat off of someone else’s plate, you get no calories.  At least we heard that once.

The last 12 miles are downhill with that Texas-sized wind behind us.

It goes by in no time.

Tonight we stay in a rather eclectic place. It looks like a junk store on steroids.

Those are all glass bottles. Must have been some party!

Tomorrow: Our last full day in Texas. Have we overstayed our welcome?

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