Coast 2 Coast Day 35: Countdown to Cajun Country

Nineteen days ago, we crossed the Rio Grande into El Paso and entered Texas. Over 1050 miles later, we leave the Lone Star State. Today, a countdown of our last miles in Texas…

8:10 AM: Depart campgrond in Silsbee, TX. 48.5 miles to go

13 miles: Rest stop, The Donut Palace, Buna, TX. 35 miles to go.

28 miles: Arrive Kirbyville, TX. 20 miles to go.

35 miles: Cross Cow Creek. 13 miles to go.

46 miles: Enter Bon Wier, our last Texas town. 2 miles left.

48 miles: Cross Sabine River. Almost there.

48.5 miles: The money shot! Welcome to Louisiana.

This area is home to logging trucks. They must grow them next to the pine trees they carry.

At lunch, we learn all about logging and what they do with the trees. There are 20 paper/mulch/plywood/box/you get the picture plants within a 50-mile radius of where we are.

That’s why we see so many trucks today.

And now a word about nutrition. Always eat a good breakfast. We do. Hopefully it negates what we eat the rest of the day. We usually do better than this:

The fried chicken at Fausto’s is hot, fresh and very tasty. Not a vegetable in sight.

Start City: Silsbee, TX
End city: DeRidder, LA
Miles: 72
Total miles to date: 1940
Days in Texas: 19
Miles in Texas: 1065
Pedaling time: 4 hours, 28 minutes
Avg. speed: 16.2 mph
Feet climbed: 950
Fatigue factor: 5 out of 10
Wind: E 5-10 mph, headwind for last 40 miles
Road condition: 4 out of 5
Temperature extremes: 50 at ride start, 72 at ride finish
Our reward at the end of the ride? Dairy Queen!

Mini-Blizzards have 400 calories, and we only eat them after long rides.

Tomorrow: a Cajun-filled 91 miles. At least it’s flat.

Vlad Putin tracks us in real time and sees where we are right now:

6 thoughts on “Coast 2 Coast Day 35: Countdown to Cajun Country

  1. A couple of thoughts here…
    -1- Your Texas friends will miss you.
    -2- Usually you can get Mac & Cheese with that fried chicken dinner. In these parts, they consider Mac & Cheese a vegetable. I am not saying it is right.
    -3- Do you expect your DQ habit to extend past the duration of the trip?
    -4- Do you need some dinning suggestions for Louisiana? Crawfish (also known locally as “bugs”), Oysters (raw, Rockefeller) and Redfish.

  2. We too are in the home stretch however with the ships food we are picking up the cals y’all have burned and by the way Cuba is a third world country
    Enjoyed y’alls Blogs puts me there in spirit


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