My Kind of Town, Chicago Is…

We celebrate our 35th wedding anniversary with four fabulous, fun-filled days in the Windy City. Full disclosure, there is no bike involved in this trip, but I decided to blog about it anyway. If you are only here for the bike adventures we won’t be offended if you opt out!

The first two days were sunny and not too cold, but the last two were cloudy and windy.  We had the proper clothing so we were layered, bundled and good to go!

The pictures will tell the rest of the story.

Beautiful Millennium Park is crowded on a sunny Saturday
Picturesque Apple store on the river
Sunset from 95th floor of The Hancock Building, the Signature Room
It used to be The Sears Tower
One of the tallest buildings in the world
120 floors up to the observation level
Looking “down” on the Hancock Building
Great view, but don’t look down
I certainly didn’t look down, it’s amazing what I’ll do for a photo
Such tourists!
She was supposed to be our guide for The Devil in the White City Tour…sadly, the bus never showed up
The Museum of Industry and Science, on the site of the Columbian Exposition of 1893
John Deere combine in the farming exhibit
We wanted to see the SNL exhibit at the Broadcasting Museum, closed on Monday!
The impressive Chicago Art Institute (lions from the exposition)
Paperweights and Miniatures are our favorites
Hamilton, the real reason we are in Chicago
View from our seats
Happy, excited and ready for the show!

We loved Hamilton when we saw it last fall in Los Angeles, and we loved it again in Chicago. While we figure out when and where we can see it next, we are headed to SoCal for spring (tandem) training. Hoping to share our adventures from sunny California next time.

One final thought, we had lots of delicious food on this trip. If you are interested in seeing what we ate while in Chicago you can check out our food blog


5 thoughts on “My Kind of Town, Chicago Is…

  1. I think I saw where Hamilton will be playing sometime in Puerto Rico as a charity event by Manuel Lynn or is it Lynn Manuel??
    See you in Athens.

  2. Hi Becky, it’s actually Lin! And yes HE is going to perform it again…we’d love to be there in 2019…but I just can’t imagine the VIP audience and how it’ll be even more impossible to get a ticket to that! I wish!

  3. I’m glad you had a great time in Chicago. The doc and I met and married there about a mile from the Museum of Science and Industry. We both worked at a social service agency with offices a block from the Art Institute for a couple years. Our souls still have roots there!

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