It’s A Wrap: West Coast By The Numbers

We’ll finish the year back in the Peach State after a glorious respite on the west coast.

For the numbers geeks, here is how it all broke down:

Five weeks in SoCal

29 days on the bike

964 miles

3 visits to our favorite donut store

3 flat tires (rear, of course! Rim strip was the culprit.)

1 rain out on the penultimate ride (which prevented us from hitting the magical 1000 mile threshold)

The pictures will tell the rest of the story!

We love the scenery near Newport Harbor High School
Santa Ana winds pushed in some heat!
100 degrees is what it takes for me to go in the Pacific Ocean!
Cooling off

Our planned visit to Santa Rosa to see Kurt and Debbie was postponed due to the fires in NorCal. We still drove north for a short visit to the Central Coast.

Roger with a Sequoia!
Elephant Seal beach, they rest on this beach for weeks at a time

Visiting the Hearst Castle…there are no words to describe this place
Back in the OC, visiting with the Anteater at UC Irvine
Pre-Halloween treat (we shared)
Halloween fun…

2017 has been an incredible year and everyone has been asking us what we have planned (to top it) next year.  We can never top the Coast to Coast experience and we are fine with that! At this point we have no earth-shattering plans for 2018, we’ll take some time and reflect, and ruminate about what comes next!  You can be sure that we’ll blog our adventures as they happen.

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6 thoughts on “It’s A Wrap: West Coast By The Numbers

  1. So much fun reading and seeing your posts. That spider treat….well, Eve, you’re Joyce’s hero. That was one big spider. :):)

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