Katy Trail Day 3: Cycling to the Capitol

Quick–what’s the capital of Missouri? Kansas City? St. Louis? If you said Jefferson City, you are correct. That’s where we end today’s ride. First, we must cross the Missouri as we leave Hermann .

Before we continue, we should say goodbye to our friends Mary and Andrew Lake.

Andrew hurt his back early in the trip and can’t continue. They rode every mile of C2C in 2017, but the Katy Trail is too much for them in 2018. Just kidding. They are a lot of fun and we will miss them.

The trail is long today and as flat as ever. It’s hot and dusty too, so we rest our steeds often.

The next time you see Mitzi, ask her to tell you a John Deere joke. Team Boland has another flat today. We are thinking of changing their names to “Team B-Flat”.

The state capitol comes into view with about five miles left in the ride. It’s up on a hill so you can see it from all directions. Before you cross the Missouri again, you have to ride up this contraption.

There are a lot of 90-degree turns, not easy to negotiate on a long bike.

Eventually we get to the top and cross the river into Jefferson City.

There’s the capitol, at the top,of the big climb.

Fortunately, we don’t have to go up that hill. Our hotel is right around the corner.

They don’t build them like this anymore.

Let’s get out of these dirty cycling clothes and go find some ice cream, shall we?

Acting on a tip from fellow cyclist Kim, we find the Central Dairy.

This is where Jefferson City goes for ice cream.

This place is fantastic. We are four happy campers.

All of this ice cream was under $11. I highly recommend the gooey caramel explosion.

We did not order the banana split (six dollars!), but we know who did. It is our duty as reporters to include a picture of it.

Start City: Hermann, MO
End City: Jefferson City, MO
Miles: 48
Miles to date: 114
Pedaling time: 3 hours, 30 minutes
Average speed: 13.7 MPH
Wind: 5-10 MPH head wind towards finish
Temperatures: 71 at ride start, 92 at finish

Up next: The longest ride of the trip. Will we melt in the heat?

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7 thoughts on “Katy Trail Day 3: Cycling to the Capitol

  1. The switchback contraption for getting up to the bridge overpass looks downright frightening for a tandem to negotiate. Glad that it was you two and not we two. I get really nervous on sharp turns. Love reading your witty posts.

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