Katy Trail Day 4: Hot and Dusty

It has been very hot, so day 4 of our journey has us pedaling early to beat the heat. That way, we can get to our destination before the temps get in the 90’s. This is the longest day of the tour, so why not get a jump on it?

Its a good plan, but it’s not to be. About seven miles into the ride, our front tire goes flat.

A small, sharp rock goes thru the tire and pops the tube.

No worries–John is an excellent mechanic and he helps get us back on the road in no time. Then John and Mitzi get a flat. Then their tandem falls over in a bike rack, bending their front wheel so badly that they must retire for the day. This is not shaping up to be a fun day.

After lunch at a trail side cafe, we still have an hour to go. By now, it’s well over 90 degrees. There are still some railroad tunnels left on the Katy.

Yeah, it’s an artsy picture and there is free air conditioning in the tunnel. Today we say goodbye to the mighty Missouri, the longest river in the US.

We finally reach Boonville at 2PM. It can’t be much hotter.

The tandem is filthy. Here is just part of what a day’s dust looks like.

The Hotel Frederick, our home for tonight, dates back to 1905.

Check out those tile floors.

The food is excellent as well.

Start City: Jefferson City, MO
End City: Boonville, MO
Miles: 53
Miles to date: 167
Pedaling time: 3 hours, 47 minutes
Average speed: 14.1 MPH
Wind: 5-10 MPH head wind towards finish
Temperatures: 71 at ride start, 95 at finish

Up next: The hill you say!

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3 thoughts on “Katy Trail Day 4: Hot and Dusty

  1. We are enjoying your posts. 70 degrees here in New Jersey :-).

    I had no idea the Missouri was longer than the Mississippi. Hopefully tomorrow will be better!

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