Breaking Through

The threshold of 5000 miles came in Shady Canyon on November 5th! We still have another week of riding and the “pressure” is off!

We did it and captured the moment!

We have had an amazing time, incredible weather and lots of fun rides while racking up the miles. Sharing our favorite routes with our visitors from the east coast, catching up with friends and adorable trick or treaters were the highlights of our October in paradise!

Laura and Earle took an Airstream Adventure and drove across the country to experience the awesome cycling that spoils us.

We rode up to Long Beach for our first and longest ride with Earle and Laura.
The Freeway Trail is inhabited by some very tame dinosaurs.
The Brontosaurus is watching Roger and Earle.
The donut ride has a very “Eve” Halloween treat available.
The close-up shows why it was irresistible…purple with purple sparkly sprinkles…life is good!
We visited a classic car show on Balboa Peninsula.
We finished the day with world famous Balboa Bananas!
I had sprinkled treats twice in one day and no complaints were heard!

We enjoyed weekly trail rides and lunches with Britt and Kevin.  Company is always a welcome change on our adventures.

Kevin, Britt, Eve and Roger on the Huntington Beach bike trail.
My lucky group selfie on the way to Shady Canyon.

Former Atlantans Nancy and Michael meet us in San Clemente for a lunch date now and again.  We always enjoy catching up and look forward to a time when we might be able to enjoy a tandem ride with them again.

Roger, Eve, Nancy and Micheal with a “four chip” toast.

Halloween in our neighborhood was great fun.  There was a party across the street from us, and then the horde of children was released to trick or treat.

A gang of trick or treaters ready for candy.
Our Halloween supply and decorations.

The tradition of walking to the beach for sunset every night continues.  Since the time change we have to leave the house at 4:30 to get a good seat at the “show”. We share our last nine sunset moments with you here.

Next week we’ll be heading back home.  We look forward to reacquainting ourselves with our new home, catching up with friends and family and enjoying the holiday season.

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3 thoughts on “Breaking Through

  1. Congratulations on the 5000 miles! Thank you for the lovely visit and sharing your favs in So Cal. We had a blast! Five ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️!

  2. Congratulations on 5000 miles. You beat us! We still have 185.4 miles to go and it’s getting pretty chilly here. Now that you guys have made it, we are just going to have to bundle up, suck it up and ride! Safe travels!

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