The Drive for Five (Thousand)

As we near the end of the year, we focus on the numbers and how many miles we need to hit the magical mark of 5000.  We are currently in Southern California, where the climate and roads are friendly to cyclists. Barring any unforeseen circumstances we should be able to notch most, if not all of the 1200 miles we need to make our goal.

Our last post was about the Southern Tandem Rally, the end of a six month whirlwind of moving, travel and hosting two tandem rallies.  This post is about much needed rest and relaxation.  We’ve been doing that on our trusty (California-based) Erickson tandem.

Here is a glimpse of what we’ve been up to. The blooms, the food, the air show, a trip to LA, the coast and of course the sunsets!

Birds of Paradise. Things are always in bloom here in SoCal.
Check out the stunning hydrangeas in the background.
Posing in front of the local flora in Shady Canyon.
Mint Oreo donut…very minty!
Jill’s Bakery has lots of goodies, we behaved and went with a berry scone.
Lunch at the air show was scrumptious. A Reuben on the left and grilled cheese with spaghetti (really!) on the right.

Speaking of the air show, fall means its time for The Great Pacific Air Show.  It’s the largest one in the country and Huntington Beach hosts it every year.  We watched parts of it on two different days.  Riding a bike is the best way to see it because the traffic and parking are bad news for cars!

We think these are the RAF Red Arrows.

We attended a UGA alumni event at the Paley Center in Beverly Hills – very classy and even got some culture at UCLA’s Hammer Museum.

Checking out the color wheel on Roger’s new iPhone 11.

The coast and the mighty Pacific Ocean are always a sight to behold and extremely photogenic.

On the pier at Seal Beach, maybe you can see the ocean behind us.
Can’t miss the coastline in this shot.
We try to see the sunset every night.
And here is your moment of Zen.


Up next, we import some friends from Florida and show them the sights and our favorite area rides.

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6 thoughts on “The Drive for Five (Thousand)

  1. Hey, you’re in our neck of the woods. Bommer Canyon is a great ride. Another is Newport Coast Drive uphill from the parking lot of Mariners Church, then down to PCH, south to lunch in Laguna, then back uphill on the 133 to Lake Forest Drive, left at the light to Shady Canyon, then north on the bikepath that follows the 405, uphill on Jeffrey to University and then back to starting point.

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