It’s Quiet Uptown

In a world turned upside down, we have to grab on to the thought that “this too shall pass”.  It’s hard to believe it, but sometime later this year we’ll (hopefully) be able to look back at this period in time and just have the memories.  Many will be emotional, some will be tragic and some won’t be quite that bad.

We call this the Corona Virus plant…for obvious reasons.

I’ll share three “good” things about our statewide shelter-in-place rules.  First, since just about everything is closed there is no place to go and people aren’t driving.  The roads are empty and  some of the (normally) busy roads are quiet enough for us to ride on.  Cyclists rule! One minor problem is that sometimes when there are no cars the traffic lights won’t trip and we are “forced” to run some lights.

This is the Pacific Coast Highway where we (now) can frequently cross the street without needing the walking man!
No parking on PCH in Huntington Beach gives us an on road bike lane.

No cars behind us.
At the UCI Campus it’s a ghost town.

Second, the air is much cleaner when no one is driving.  The smaze and smog are disappearing.  We are not sorry to see them go.

Less driving leads to cleaner air and pretty skies.

Third, we see people outside enjoying the day with their families.  We have seen more dads out with their kids this past week than in all the years we have been coming to beautiful Orange County, California!  We can all hope that this behavior continues even when we’ve all been vaccinated and our lives have returned to normal.

Our time on the West Coast has been extended and our lifestyle was already pretty solitary, but we are missing seeing our small circle of local friends. The spring rains have ended, and Southern California is in bloom.  We spend most of our time riding the tandem, foraging for food and watching Netflix like everyone else!

We have even squeezed in two donut rides, apparently donuts are essential here in Southern California!

It’s pretty lonely where we rest and enjoy tea and a donut.
Caramel Mocha flavor.

Oh and one final thought of interest to my fellow stokers, “she’s not pedaling” has now been replaced with “you aren’t social distancing”!

Stay safe and healthy!

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4 thoughts on “It’s Quiet Uptown

  1. Looks like you are totally enjoying the ghost town!!
    And we know that donut shop, having been there with you both!
    Awww, The good ‘OLD” days!
    Relish, the solitude, it won’t last forever.
    Have FUN and stay safe!

  2. So enjoyed your post. Agree about the clean air and quiet roads. Also enjoying  hearing the birds, not traffic. We’ve  been riding a lot. Today was the perfect spring day for the first century   ride of the year.Whatever  happens after all the civic disruption I hope it isn’t back to normal. I hope for forward to better.Happy riding  even if it must be closer to home. Please keep posting.Rose MurphySent from my Verizon ASUS Tablet

  3. Hunkered down at home except for riding 3 days a week with a local group but not close together or even together at all….we all just ride different routes randomly and report via email/Strava. Do get donuts or ice cream or coffee involved of course. Until we can pace again, ride safe…..

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