When It Rains in Southern California

It was an unusually rainy March in Orange County, CA and as a result the spring colors are brilliant! We have been enjoying seeing hillsides and gardens burst into bloom. And I have been busy digitally capturing the sights for you.  I’ll let my spring flowers tell this story.

During a recent walk we had the opportunity to really stop and smell the roses. This magnificent yard is as fragrant as it is stunning.

And speaking of roses, my darling son sent me a delectable Mother’s Day gift from the Rose Bakery that I know you’ll enjoy seeing almost as much as we enjoyed eating them!

No doubt as to who ate the donuts with sprinkles!

I am sharing one of my favorite Irvine traffic signs. I’ve never seen it anywhere else and I get such a kick out of it EVERY time we ride by.  I wonder which seniors were used for this image…perhaps it was a picture from 1950?  Or were they born in 1950?

Really? Who approved this sign?

And then, there are the California geese, who must be very intelligent.

How do they know where to cross?

To close what I think will be the last post from SoCal before we try to journey home, here are some sidewalk words of wisdom…

And some relaxing sunsets…

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6 thoughts on “When It Rains in Southern California

  1. I used to love riding OC in the spring! Someone posted the ride from Irvine to San Diego on Facebook recently, we used to do that as a training ride and hop on the Amtrak back to Irvine. Have Fun and Safe Travels!

  2. This was a SPECTACULAR edition!! During all this awful time with negativity all around, it’s wonderful to see only beauty and peacefulness. Of course the DoNut pic doesn’t hurt either! Thanks for sharing. Safe travels home.

  3. Flowers and doughnuts! What could be better? Makes being quarantined not such a bad thing! Come home soon! We miss you!🥰

  4. Love the senior citizen fedora! And I’m sure the woman had on hose with her pumps! Real fashionistas

  5. In all our years going to Cali have never seen it in bloom like that But it is probably
    Because we don’t get there till mid June and rain is long gone. They finally put on the direct flights from ATL to SNA back into the schedule so we changed from having to return via Utah a pleasure which y’all will have
    Due to the virus you got stuck in CA and we in ATL. I’m going to try and talk your Miss Boo into
    Staying a few more weeks in Sept as there is no need for us to rush home
    Look forward to catching up the end of this month

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