Happy Days Are Here Again!

Thomasville, GA is our destination for a long weekend to celebrate John’s birthday and our immunity. We are a group of ten vaccinated friends and tandem riders, gathering for our own little off-road rally.

On the way to Thomasville, we stop off in Gray, GA (population 3250) for a ride on our own.

You never know what you are going to find when you are riding on a dirt road.

The fox had creepy eyes.

Then it’s on to Thomasville, which is pretty close to the Florida-Georgia line. It’s also the rose capital of Georgia. They have a rose festival every year that we missed by a week. The flowers are still in bloom.

Thomasville is a beautiful city with fine dining and great riding.

It feels great to be with friends and it is wonderful to ride with a group. It’s a big step in returning to our lives pre-COVID and we are thankful to be vaccinated.

I’ll let the pictures tell the rest of the story!

Ride start in Boston with Roger, John, Mitzi, Claudia, Randy, Al, Heidi and me.
Check out the well-maintained unpaved surface.
Randy, two bikes and pecan trees in the background.
John, Mitzi, Eve, Roger and the new GiGi in a corn field.
Beautiful bundt cake, photo courtesy of Mitzi!
Our second ride started at the Hubs and Hops bike shop.
Rest stop with John, Mitzi, Roger, Greg, Angela, me.
Going under an abandoned railroad trestle.
We call those ice cream smiles!
Three teams did the last ride from Metcalf.
A beautiful ride that crossed the state border into Florida.

We are so happy to be returning to travel and fun times. Next up, we head west for some riding on the trails and the bike lanes of Orange County.

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4 thoughts on “Happy Days Are Here Again!

  1. really like reading your posts………………………Clarence Bechter

    author of ” The Time of My Life ” 2019

    with Bubba s Pamp Pedalers

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